How to Maintain Comfortable Temperatures in Your Home or Business

Whatever the season is, maintaining your home and workplace’s temperature is vital so that people in it can move comfortably. If it’s too hot, people will easily be stressed out, and when it’s too cold, people may feel sluggish. You wouldn’t want this, especially if it will negatively affect the operations of your business or your own productivity at home.

That’s why you should do the following to keep your structure comfortable:

Upgrade Your PTAC Unit

If you want to have a comfortable home or workplace regardless of the season, you should consider updating your thermostat. There are many different types of units that you can find at providers like PTAC Inc. But, for a basic understanding, your main options will either be a central heating system or a gas furnace that heats the structure. A central heating system is excellent for those who don’t want to have new equipment. Most of these units require the homeowner to install a special outlet, which is affordable.

Another option is a programmable unit. These have a timer that lets the homeowner adjust the temperature as needed throughout the day. That way, you can automatically make your home or business have a comfortable temperature. Many of these will work with either a tankless furnace or a natural gas furnace. Some have a sensor that will sense when someone comes into the home and activate when that occurs.

An upgrade in the unit can make it much easier for you to keep your structure’s heating system running smoothly. You may need to spend more money upfront, but it can save you a ton of money in energy bills over time. Even if you have a relatively low monthly bill now, you’ll probably have it back in no time if you invest in a quality thermostat that works as well as the new model that you purchased.

Have a Humidifier

If you live in a particularly dry climate, or are in the midst of winter, a humidifier can be a great addition to your home or establishment. A humidifier adds some moisture back into the air, which can help maintain more even temperatures and improve the comfort of those in the structure who may be suffering symptoms from overly dry air, like sinus discomfort and coughing. It also can help keep your skin from becoming overly dry, which means your skin won’t crack or experience similar distress that can make someone uncomfortable as they spend time in your home or your business.

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Keep Your Unit Clean

Various factors can affect your home’s temperature, and the proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit is essential to maintain the level of comfort you feel in your home and workplace.

The most significant impact a dirty air conditioning unit has on your structure’s temperature is it needs more energy to circulate the air. Dirty air takes longer to circulate than clean air, so it tends to take longer to reach the lower areas of your house. A dirty air conditioner also requires more energy to run, which will result in higher energy bills for your home or business. This doesn’t even take into consideration the effect of compromised air qualities on the people in your structure.

If you’ve cleaned and changed out your air conditioning or heating unit’s filters and are still having problems with your air, another factor that may be affecting your home or workplace’s temperature is dirty heating and cooling ducts, which can cause problems to your air conditioning unit. Another factor is when water heater lines are clogged and will not work, which can cause a significant difference in the temperature you feel in your structure. You can avoid these if you get your air conditioner serviced by a professional every six to eight weeks. If you notice problems or leaks within your system, be sure to check your heating and cooling ducts for clogs.

However, if the heating and cooling system is clean but isn’t improving your temperature, you may want to replace it with a new model with better efficiency and performance.


Making your home and workplace temperature comfortable is easily achieved if you do the mentioned tips above. Although you may have a thermostat, you may need to upgrade it into a more efficient model. Or you may even need a humidifier so it can help balance the humidity inside your structure.

Most importantly, it’s best to maintain your unit’s cleanliness so it can easily make your home and workplace temperature cool or warm.

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