How to Know When and How to Restore Your Roof

Instead of replacing your roof, always look for ways to restore it. You may need to pressure wash the surface, replace a few missing parts, clean the gutter or perform any other maintenance task. Know when it is the right time to restore your roof.

After a Leak

A leak dripping down from the ceiling is the most obvious sign that you need a roof repair. Most leaks are caused by structural damages that already exist; however, the leak itself could worsen the damage. Before waiting for it to worsen, contact a repairperson right away to prevent further damages.

When You See Visible Damage

Observation is the second most obvious way to know when to fix your roof. You may see visible damages in the form of missing shingles, torn gutters, ceiling stains or mold and mildew. You may see this damage when standing on the sidewalk, near the front door or inside of the house. If the problem is easy to see from afar, it’s a serious roofing issue that only worsens and needs the assistance of a contractor.

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When You See Flooding

Know how to diagnose a pool of water in your front or back yard. It’s likely there’s something wrong with the gutter that is supposed to direct water away from the house. When it malfunctions, you have flooding where it’s supposed to be dry and an accumulation of leaves and debris on a walkway that’s supposed to be clean. Since the gutter is the most important structure of the roof, and you cannot predict the next rainstorm, act completely when you see excessive water.

After a Severe Storm

A hurricane, tornado or severe windstorm is an event that gets any homeowner interested in roof restoration. Before a natural disaster happens, you board up the windows and stock up on supplies first. Then, you may think of repairing cracks and holes in the roof to prevent leaks. After the storm hits, clean up the roof yourself and hire a roofer to check for damages.

The roof is the top portion of your home that needs the most attention. A common misconception is that it remains there for decades without needing any kind of maintenance. You should not wait until you see a leak or watch the shingles fly off before contacting a professional. Know the right times when to contact a roofer for repairs or maintenance.

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