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How to Keep Pests Out Of Your Home During the Summer

One of the most significant downsides of the summer season is the increase in the pest population. One second, you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, the next second, you’re dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes and a dozen of itchy bites on your arms and legs.

During summer, pests seek shelter indoors where there are cooler environments and sources of food and water. If the thoughts of pests send shivers down your spine, worry no more, this article has discussed some of the top pest control tips to help you control your home all summer long.

Consider Bug Traps

One way you can go pest free this summer is by using bug traps. They work simply by imprisoning the insects, covering them with poison, and eventually killing them. Pests that can be best controlled using bug traps include mosquitoes and ants. You can also consider using approved pest repellents like pure sulfur to keep bugs away from getting into your house.

Check Your Water Sources

Another way to keep pests out of your house this summer is by checking your water sources. Water is a perfect place for pests like mosquitos to lay eggs. In fact, female mosquitos lay eggs in containers that hold water in your environment. Even if you don’t own a pool or a water feature, any can with standing water could act as a breeding zone for mosquitos. Ensure that all containers are left upside down to avoid gathering water to prevent mosquitos from breeding and taking over your home this summer. Additionally, not only do some bugs breed in water, but other pests like rodents will use them as a water source.

Watch the Items You Bring in Your House

Many types of bugs get into your house with you or with the items you bring in your house. They get their way into your home by latching on your kids or pets. For instance, one type of pest that quickly spreads in your house is bed bugs. They hide on furniture and luggage you’re bringing into your house and quickly infest all over the lace. Always check your secondhand furniture, outdoor décor, and even your belongings after spending a night in a hotel or a place with frequent overnight guests.

Maintain Your Yard

There are many reasons why you should maintain your yard. One reason is to keep pests out of your compound. Insects, for instance, like grass as it provides a cool environment for them to thrive during summer, and also they eat the grass and the roots underneath. It’s also vital to trim trees and shrubs surrounding your home as they make it easier for pests to get into your house. For example, squirrels and rodents can climb trees and get into your house through the attic.

Add Screens

During the summer season, it’s more likely that you’ll rely on your windows and doors to bring in fresh air into your home. Unfortunately, summer is also the best season for pests like insects, rodents, and mosquitos to get into your home. To enjoy the feeling of fresh air while keeping your house free from pests, consider installing screens in windows and doors.

Store Trash Properly

Your garbage is a treasure trove for insects and rodents as it’s a good source of food and provides hiding environments, especially during hot summer climates. To keep the pests off from rummaging through your trash, ensure it’s secure and properly stored, and disposed of. Invest in bins with tight sealing bags to any little pests that might pass through.

Clean Your House

The best way to prevent pest infestation in your house during summer is by keeping everything clean and neat. Many aspects of dirt attract pests. For example, leaving bread crumbs on your floor will attract ants. Cleaning your house will also help you to eliminate could-be breeding places for pests. It’s also essential to prevent clutter in your home as cluttered places provide perfect breeding and hiding pests for pests.

Repair Cracks

Pests will explore any openings you leave for them to get in your house, so before the summer months roll, it’s appropriate to check for all your pipes, exterior windows, and doors for any cracks and crevices. You can use mortar and cement to patch damaged foundations and masonry walls while at the same time replacing damaged wood and sections of cladding or siding.


Pests can be challenging to remove and keep off your house, especially during summer. However, the worst you can do is to ignore them, so keep an eye out for any signs of infestation, and if you notice any, act quickly by using one or a combination of the tips highlighted above.

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