How to Incorporate Natural Elements in Your Home Decorating

Adding natural materials to your home decor is a great way to warm and soothe the space. Wood floors, wall tile and skylights all allow you to bring the elements of the outdoors into your space. Best of all, natural elements come in a wide variety of colors.


An expanse of natural wood flooring is an ideal way to warm up any room. Wood tones can be finished in a variety of colors, so no matter your home decor goals, you can find a way to add finished woods to your space. If you are longing for a wood floor but aren’t able to tackle that project yet, consider adding a natural fiber or sisal rug to the room.

Photo by Cornerstone Architects


Adding water to your space can be done quickly and easily. Using a clear glass bowl, float a single blossom in the water or float a votive candle in a small amount of water. Table top fountains are a bigger and better way to add a water feature to your home. Take care to set your water feature in a spot where children and pets can’t reach it. Table top fountains can run for extended periods of time. Use distilled or filtered water to avoid any calcification of the fountain mechanism.

Photo by Michael Alan Kaskel

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Green and flowering plants are a simple and cost-effective way to add natural elements in your space. If you have a friend or co-worker with a green thumb, as for cuttings. Start small and simple. Be aware that a tiny plant in a big pot may not take off for a while, it’s building a root system relative to the size of the pot. If you’re interested in growing vining plants, take care to add a stake or climbing trellis early in the process. Vining plants can choke themselves if not given a spot to grow.

Photo by Suzanne Childress Design

The Sea

For many, thinking of natural elements means using wood, which means adding brown tones to your space. If brown isn’t your thing, focus on the sea. A dish of seashells is a simple way to bring natural elements into a cool color palette. Sandstone wall tile offer a subtle way to bring a clashing color scheme to the room.

Photo by Blackband Design

The great outdoor is loaded with beauty and terrific ideas for new color combinations. Start with simple wood tones as a base. Include water and plants to create an oasis inside your home. If you want to stay away from earth tones, focus on the grey and blue of the sea.

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