How to Improve the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

Your business premises are the epicenter of your commercial activities and they have a considerable impact on your success. As well as providing the space and resources you need to take your operations to the next level, your premises showcase your brand and reflect your corporate personality.

Due to this, it’s important to spend as much time designing the exterior of your premises as you do planning the interior. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at these top tips for improving the exterior of your commercial building:

1. Replace the Siding

Siding can transform the aesthetic of a building, as well as making it more eco-friendly or lower maintenance. What’s more – the siding you choose for your premises can reflect your business personality. Brick and metal siding can work well for uber-modern, contemporary brands, for example, while vinyl or stone veneer siding can create a more traditional aesthetic.

2. Use Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping is an excellent option for commercial buildings. As well as creating an eye-catching visual display, it’s durable and requires minimal maintenance, which means there are cost benefits too. Use architectural aggregates, such as granite boulders or crushed stone to create walkways and seating areas in your surroundings. Similarly, decorative precast pavers and grit can be used to maximize functionality and enhance your exterior design.

3. Illuminate the Building

Lighting plays an important role in the exterior design of a commercial building. You can use outdoor lighting to provide a safe environment for staff and customers, for example, as well as enhancing the security of your premises. Additionally, illuminating your commercial building creates maximum visual impact and ensures your location can be found easily. Accent and focused lighting are great ways to highlight the features of your commercial building, including your signage, while floodlighting may be suitable in larger areas, such as parking lots.

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4. Prioritize Entryways

If you want customers to visit your premises, prioritize entrances so that people are tempted to pop inside. Bold or contrasting colors will help to ensure the entryways are differentiated from other parts of your premises, while style lighting and seating can make the area feel welcoming. Remember – some of your interior design is likely to be visible, so make sure your exterior and interior designs are cohesive.

5. Upgrade Windows

Although some commercial buildings, like warehouses or aluminum units, may not feature windows, most do. Upgrading the windows and changing the color or style of the frames allows you to overhaul your exterior design. Similarly, changing the shape or size of the windows can transform the building and elevate both your interior and exterior design.

Make Your Premises Part of Your Brand

No matter what type of business you run, your premises say a lot about your brand. By taking a strategic approach to your exterior design, you can ensure that your commercial buildings appeal to your target audience, maximize productivity and reflect your carefully cultivated brand.

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