How to Give Your Home a New Look with Items You Already Own

It seems that today in this modern, consumeristic world we live in things don’t last and we often have the need to go for new things, even though it’s not necessary. In this way, we’re just spending money unnecessarily and tossing out things that are still functional and not even outdated. The key to changing this habit is to change our way of thinking. However, we also often feel bored with our home if it remains the same, without any changes for some time. We can both upgrade our home and not spend money unnecessarily by giving our home a new look with the things we already own. This is definitely one of the great home decorating ideas on a budget that you should have in mind. You should start with decluttering and rearranging the furniture around your home. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve with these simple steps. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add a pop of colour with different items such as rugs and throws. Applying a fresh coat of paint to walls and furniture can breathe new life into a room. Moreover, decorating with some family photos can add emotion and personality to your home.

Step one – declutter

Step one in making changes is decluttering. A room filled with a lot of things gives an impression of chaos and disarray and your mind can hardly relax in this kind of room. We often forget that the best decorating doesn’t only come to adding new things, but to downsizing the things you already have. Think about each room and make a selection. Categorize things into things you can donate, things that go to storage and things you should toss to trash. This goes for the things you don’t like, don’t use, or that are broken. Try to think objectively.

Rearrange the furniture & move some things around

This is surely one of the best ways to make some big changes in your home, without spending a dime. Sometimes this is all you need. Consider something different – make sections in a room, swap the tables, change the bed position. Analyze each room and try to picture where would something go. If it’s a massive furniture item, take a picture before you move it. Remember to take measures of both the furniture and space. Make sketches if needed to help you visualize. Don’t forget about some light fixtures, wall art and other things that are fixed to certain positions.

Add a pop of colour

If your room seems dull, think about adding a pop of colour. You can do this in multiple ways. By doing this, your room can end up looking completely different than it did before the upgrade. Adding an item such as a lamp or something decorative can make the room alive if it’s placed strategically and if it comes in a bold red, orange or pink colour. Even though it seems quite simple, it’s very effective. If you’re unsure about the colours that would go perfectly, use some swatches to make comparisons before you opt for a certain colour. A popular way to add colour is with some cool throw pillows arranged on a sofa. An accent can also be added with a colourful patterned rug or a carpet. For the best effects, make sure that your rug is clean and that it smells nice. You can do that by hiring pros, such as Aussie Pro Carpet Cleaning, who can do a thorough and professional job that will have a brand-new-looking carpet as a result.

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Apply a fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t revamp. Adding a fresh coat of paint to anything can change its looks completely, for the better. You can do this with your walls for starters if they’re old and dingy. It will transform your room for sure. Moreover, you don’t have to stop at walls. You can give new life to your furniture as well. Make sure that you sand it well before applying a fresh coat of paint to it. You can also opt for paint that already has a primer in it. And if you need some additional items in your home, think thrift stores. Take your time and visit a few. Search for items that would be suitable for your home and breathe new life into them by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Share cherished memories

Decorating with family photos is never a mistake. You can make a gallery wall with some cherished memories put in some amusing frames. Be creative when it comes to arranging them. These meaningful memories are one of the most impactful ways to decorate a room.

There are plenty of ways you can redecorate your home without spending any money, you just need to take your time and carefully consider the changes you can make. Use Pinterest for some inspirational ideas.

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