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How to Get Your Furnace Repaired When It Breaks Down

The fact is, a furnace breakdown can be deathly, no matter where you live. For example, the extreme and unexpected winter storm that hit Texas in 2021 resulted in 246 deaths.

While Texas is generally known for mild winters, states like Michigan routinely experience extreme winter temperatures. People in states like Michigan are generally better prepared for extreme cold, but if the furnace breaks down, the situation can quickly turn fatal.

It Pays to Be Prepared

Have electric space heaters, or even small propane camping heaters, if your furnace stops working. However, be careful that you don’t overload your home’s circuits by running too many electric space heaters at once. If you use small propane camping heaters, make sure that the room is well ventilated. If you have a fireplace, use it. However, never light up a barbecue inside the house, the fumes can be deadly.

Also, be prepared to dress warmly and pile on the blankets. Don’t forget your pets, fish and reptiles are especially sensitive to old. You’ll need to be prepared to survive until your furnace is fixed.

What to Look for Yourself

First of all, make sure that the furnace is turned on, and that your thermostat is set to heat. Also, try turning the thermostat to a different temperature, to see if that kicks the furnace on. You could have a problem with your thermostat.

Next, check your home’s electrical panel for a tripped breaker or blow fuse. Finally, check to see if the pilot light is out, and make sure the gas valve is open. If you can, reignite the pilot light.

Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

If you can’t fix the problem yourself or are unsure how to proceed, call a furnace repair company. Often, they can come out within 24 hours.

Scheduling regular furnace maintenance can help to prevent a breakdown in the first place. A furnace repair service can often find potential problems and fix them before a breakdown occurs. If you live in a very cold area, regular furnace maintenance is essential. If your furnace is old, an HVAC company can replace it with a new, modern, and efficient unit.

Prolonged freezing temperatures can quickly turn deadly if you are not prepared. Have space heaters on hand in case of a breakdown, as well as the phone number of a reliable furnace repair service. A little forethought and preparation can make a furnace breakdown a simple inconvenience.

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