How to Get Around Australia on the Cheap

Australia is a vast country, its 7,692 kilometers squared with much of the population living near the coast. That means there are vast differences that need to be traveled if you want to see everything the country has to offer.

Of course, attempting to see everything means finding a cheap way of getting around Australia. Fortunately, there are several options you can use to help your budget go further.

Cheap Flights

Australia has an array of internal flights that will take you from one Australian city to another. It’s faster than driving and generally cheaper. Flights are regular and easy to book, allowing you to move between destinations virtually effortlessly.

However, remember how big Australia is, trying to see it all in two weeks simply isn’t possible. That’s why you’ll have to choose an area and focus on exploring that.

Hiring A Car

It is possible to hire a car on a one-way trip. You’ll collect it in one city and drop it off at a different one. Someone else will bring the car back for you. This can reduce the cost of car hire and is certainly more convenient. However, the issue with renting a car is that you’ll have to park it when you’re not using it.

Car parking in major Australian cities can be expensive, that’s why you should check out the parking Brisbane service. They hook you up with residents that are willing to hire their driveways, allowing you to save money on your parking. It can also help if you plan to drive between regions as you’ll have parking and a specific destination, helping to keep your travel plans on track.

By Boat

Taking a cruise around the coast of Australia is a cost-effective way to see as much as possible of the larger cities without the hassle of flying or driving between places. As the cruise will be your holiday the cost of travel is effectively zero.

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Of course, you’ll be on the ship’s timetable which will limit your opportunity to explore.

Take the Free Option

If your funds are tight, you’ll find that there are plenty of activities in every destination that are free. Alongside the standard sightseeing around a city, you’ll find museums, gardens, and galleries that don’t require you to spend anything to get in.

The Train and Buses

Australia has an impressive public transport system which is surprisingly cheap. You can catch buses around the cities and trains between them. This is not the fastest way to travel but it is cost-effective and can be a lot of fun.

Check out the timetable online and book your train to start your adventure.

Discount Travel Cards

There are several discounted travel cards on offer across the country. You can pick them up in popular tourist destinations and they’ll save you plenty of money on your public transport. The discount cards can also be used against the entrance fees for various attractions, helping to keep the cost of getting around Australia as low as possible.

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