How to Furnish a Large Bedroom Space

We often think that the only issue we can have with space in our bedroom is not having enough, but what if you have too much? Having too large of a bedroom and not enough items to fill it can result in your bedroom feeling blank and cold. We want our bedrooms to be cozy sanctuaries where we can relax at the end of a hard day. Here are some tips to taking advantage of the extra space in a large bedroom, while keeping it snug and comfortable feeling,

Put your Bed in the Middle

Sticking your bed in the middle of the room is a great way to ground a large bedroom. Your bed is, typically, the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it’s a great way to take up space and tie the rest of the room together. Many people put their beds against a wall or in a corner. This is great if you’re trying to maximize space, but actually, counterintuitive if you already have a very large bedroom.

Fill Up the Walls

Blank walls will always make a room look larger. Filling up the walls with art, photographs, and floating shelves is a wonderful way to not only add personality and style to your room but also make it appear cozier.

Consider adding a large piece of artwork above your bed, or a trendy gallery wall as a cool feature. These are fun ways to spice up your bedroom and help it from appearing like a cold, empty box.

Add a Seating Area

Some people don’t think of a bedroom as functioning for anything other than sleep. However, you could consider adding a seating area if your room is big enough! It can be a reading nook or TV area, whichever you prefer! Get a small loveseat for bedroom seating areas, and cozy up with a good book, your favorite TV show, or your loving partner and have some quality relaxation time. The best part is if you get sleepy while reading or enjoying your peaceful time in your seating area, you’re only a few feet from your bed!

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Include a Vanity

One of the luxuries of having a large room is the space for additional areas such as a vanity area! You can have a nice vanity with a large mirror and plenty of drawers to store your makeup, skincare, and other beauty items. Pamper yourself with an area that is just devoted to you and your self-care activities!

Lay Down an Area Rug

Area rugs are an awesome addition to any bedroom, but especially large ones! They ground the whole room and serve as artwork that you can walk on! They can also help separate the space if you’d like your bedroom to have multiple areas. For example, if you have a seating area in your bedroom have one area rug for underneath your loveseat or comfy chair, and one for underneath your bed. This helps the eye distinguish between the two sections of your room and define them.

Incorporate your Work from Home Setup

If you’re not someone who needs a vanity, and you don’t feel a seating area is necessary, consider incorporating your WFH setup! This is a great way to save space in other areas of the home and make your bedroom more functional.

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