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How to Find the Right Type of Flooring for Your Type of Home

The right flooring for your home is not all about finding the most visual appeal. There are other factors to consider, such as strength, durability, safety and cost. Review the following tips to find the best flooring for you and your home.


Consider the amount of foot traffic that your floor receives regularly, which contributes to its wear and tear. In medium- to high-traffic areas, you want a strong material that will not break easily. Wood is one of the weakest materials used to build floors; however, most wood can be engineered for additional strength and resistance to moisture.

Photo by JCD Custom Home Design

Moisture Proof

Find a flooring material that is moisture proof regardless of the actual amount of moisture. Anyone who owns a kitchen knows that spills occur nearly every day, whether it’s from washing dishes or cooking. Nowadays, nearly any type of material is built to be moisture proof, including wood. Properly sealed hardwood flooring is just as waterproof as tile and concrete.

Photo by Denise Maloney Interior Design

Moisture proof is especially important for pet owners. They may not know when their pets will leave waste on the floor. They also need a system that makes cleanups easy.


Although durability is an important factor, it is ideal not to focus on it too much. Most kitchen and bathroom floors are designed to be durable, so expect the average floor, regardless of its material, to last for a good number of years. The more important step is to focus on the specific type of material that you’re buying.

Photo by Pauli & Uribe Architects

Cost by Square Foot

The last step is to focus on the cost of your floor based on its size. Most home remodeling projects are measured by square footage. For each company you work with, figure out the cost per square foot, which varies by the type of material.

Photo by Jamie Herzlinger

The complexity of the installation also affects the project’s final cost. Tile and concrete flooring are more laborious to install than hardwood. Another factor is the high, exotic quality of the floor. Luxury marble or high-quality vinyl is more expensive to buy, even if the installation is simple.

Photo by MacPherson Construction and Design

Expanding your flooring options is good for creative-minded homeowners. They can choose from cherry to mahogany to polished tile. However, the right type of flooring is not the most attractive one, and the finest quality one is not the longest lasting one. There are a handful of factors to consider if you want the most efficient floor for any room in your home.

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