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How to find the right Fabric for your Living Room?

Finding the right upholstery fabric for a sofa or chair is a huge decision to make. Some fabrics cost a fortune so you don’t want to regret buying a certain fabric after using it for a few months.

Pick the wrong fabric and you’re going to find yourself fighting stains and wears. Choose the incorrect pattern or colour and the whole house suffers or you’re going to end up splurging to get the piece reupholstered. Having said, it’s very crucial to weigh in several factors before you pick an upholstery fabric.

Read these tips on how to find the right upholstery fabric for your living room.

Set a Budget

Budget plays a huge role in your buying decision. Allotting a budget for an upholstery fabric is the best way to begin your decision making as this will decide your choice of material. There are plenty of lovely, cheaper sofas and you can get hold of them in some very luxurious fabrics like velvet.

Photo by Architectural Designs

Be mindful that your choice of colour can be limited if you opt for a cheaper sofa. Having a bigger budget, on the other hand, can give you lots of colour and fabric options.

Know the Durability

Whenever you buy something, you always wonder if it’ll last long. This is also true in buying upholstery fabrics. The durability of fabrics differs depending on the furniture, the room it’s used, and if you have kids and pets. Your decision must address those factors.

Photo by Aude-Mar, Inc.

Woven designs, tight weaves, and higher thread count last longer. Choose a fabric based on who will be using your sofa. Select a microfiber fabric or leather if your pets share your couch with you because these materials can resist tear and wear better.

Pick the Right Colour

Do you want your couch to blend in or stand out? The colour of the upholstery fabric can create a drastic difference in your living room. Choosing a fabric with bright colours can make a bold accent.

Photo by celia welch interiors

The disadvantage? Redesigning a colour scheme in your living room will be more complex. Choose a grey coloured sofa to be safe. It’s very simple to incorporate in any colour scheme and it’s dark enough to conceal marks and stains. Add vibrant throws and cushions to add interest.

Choose your Style

The upholstery fabric should blend well with the interior design and furniture. For instance, a traditional material is the ultimate choice for a conventional-style frame.

Photo by Hills & Grant

If you have an idea of how to mix different fabric styles, go for it. Doing this shows your unique style. Fabrics can look casual or formal so pick the material that reflects the mood and style of your living room.

Determine the Cleaning Requirement

Having the right upholstery fabric is not yet the end of the story. Once you start using your fabric, it’ll accumulate dirt and dust over time. Cotton is easy to clean while some natural blends like cotton and wool must be washed professionally.

Photo by Samuel Gordon Architects, PC

Always check the cleaning instructions before you put your fabric in the washing machine. Once you go to your favourite fabric shop, let your practical and specific needs lead you. Do a lot of research or ask questions about the fabric’s features and cleaning needs.

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