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How to Find Off-Market Deals?

In real estate, off market deals refer to properties that are not for sale in a traditional way. In other words, being an off market deal means that the listing broker did not submit the property to be placed on MLS, or other such portals. Such properties are typically sold by word of mouth publicity, through a broker or through the network of the broker. You can take a look at to know about the properties that are not advertised through public advertising. Meanwhile, here are some of the ways to find good off market deals.

Start with direct marketing techniques

It is common for the investors to send postcards or direct mails or advertise in the local papers that they’re trying to buy residential properties. At times, the homeowners do not want to sell till they have an offer presented to them. You must have seen the signs that say “we buy homes for cash.”

If this is the strategy that you are going for, make sure to come up with a good plan, and look for the right advertising avenues to make sure you get good returns on your investment.

Networking with the estate attorneys

Estates are always great for investments because they usually have creditors who must be paid off quickly to get the place off the books. So, networking with the real estate attorneys can help you get an idea about the properties that might be available in the market in near future.

Examining the public records

Foreclosure and short sales are the kind of opportunities that are there in the public records. It is important to stay updated about these records because it lets you know when a property might come at auctions.

Read the local papers, take a look at the state and local government sites, and keep those websites bookmarked that will send you alerts about upcoming properties. This also leads to the next point in finding great off-market deals.

Browsing through the auctions

If you are planning to buy investment properties at the auctions, you will have to act quickly and stay updated about auction information. Start browsing the auction websites and participate in courthouse auctions. When you get the right property, get ready for it by knowing all about the location, date, and the bidding procedure of the auction. There are websites that offer regular updates about bank owned properties, short sales, and foreclosures.

On the day of the auction, get ready with your research about the property and the neighborhood, and have a fixed budget in your mind. Getting overexcited in the biding is easy, but you will have to keep in mind that you are here for a good deal. You will know how much the property is worth once you have done solid research on it.

Get to know the wholesalers

A wholesaler, in case of real estate, is someone who puts a distressed property under a contract and resells it to another investor within days of buying the property. Finding investment deals is easier when you are working with wholesalers. However, the wholesalers are basically middlemen. So, you will not really get the same deal that you could have gotten if you were speaking to the source directly.

You can use social media platforms, like LinkedIn, to find good real estate wholesalers. Make sure that the realtors in your area know what you are planning. Your agent might also know a couple of wholesalers who might be of help to you.

Chat up with the local builders

Your local builder is a storehouse of information when it comes to properties that were not completed due to some or other reason. After all, everyone has had heard stories where the owners couldn’t complete a project because of money or time crunch.

These are amazing investment opportunities for you to just come in, complete the deal, and leave with an affordable and good property. So, make your intentions known to the local builders and contractors. They will remember you the next time they hear of a project that you might like.

Make sure you consult a real estate expert before moving forward with an off market property with confidence. Now, go ahead and put these strategies to good use!

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