How to Find a Balance Between Antiques and Modern Décor in Your Home

Finding your own décor style and preferences isn’t usually an overnight process. When you first start out in your home or apartment, you may have an idea of what you like and don’t like, but over time it can change just as you change. Before you know it, the décor in your home can look and feel like a muddled mess with no rhyme or reason to the items that are displayed and used. At this point it’s usually a good idea to take stock of what you’ve got, figure out where you stand as far as design and décor interests go, and then figure out how you can find balance.

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One of the trickiest design styles to blend is antiques with modern décor. If you’re not careful, things can end up feeling out of place and disjointed, making it appear as though no thought has been given to the space. Not to worry as there are ways to find balance between the old and new, as we will discuss.

Let Flooring Be Part of the Design

If you want to bring in a sense of antique design but you don’t want to fill your home with actual antiques, figurines, and old furniture, then the perfect solution can be your flooring. Something such as end grain flooring with reclaimed wood can warm up the space, add interest, and that sense of old-world charm without being overwhelming. You can carry the flooring throughout your entire home or use it in the common areas only.

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Stick with One Color Palette

Another tip is to pick a color palette and stick with it for the whole house. You can vary up the intensity of the color palette without interrupting the flow and create a bit more drama in the process. The more neutral the color palette you pick, the more leeway you’ll have when it comes to décor pops and touches for the individual rooms.

Pick One Standout Piece Per Room

Another tip is to pick one standout piece per room and let that be the focal point. For example, let’s say you’ve painted your living room a neutral shade, and the furniture you have is modern and sleek. You could then top off the look with a luxurious gilded mirror or ornate light fixture. The item will stand out and be that “antique piece”, but the room will still feel modern and balanced.

Go Ahead and Combine the Unexpected

The final tip is to not be afraid to combine and mix the unexpected together. This is what will give your room personality and uniqueness. Don’t get too caught up in what matches or works together, instead focus on what speaks to you.

Creating a Space That is Balanced and Perfect for Your Tastes

Putting together a home design look that not only fits with your personality but is also balanced can be a trick endeavor for anyone. With these tips, mixing the old with the new can be made a little easier.

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