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How To Effortlessly Make A Balcony A Summer Recreation Area

The balcony in most apartments serves as a storage room, where things are sent that are rarely used by the owners. And if we radically reconsider the purpose of this space? Especially in the summer, which is a great time for breakfast or a light dinner outdoors and also if your balcony is not glazed. Here is a simple guide on how to transform a balcony and create a new cozy place in an apartment for rest without renovation and redevelopment. It is enough to arrange a table, a couple of chairs and decorative elements.

Preparing the room

First you need to free the balcony from all unnecessary things. Wash the windows and paint the walls if they need updating. Things that used to lie chaotically on the balcony, it is better to put them in the closet.

Choosing furniture

The main thing on the balcony is outdoor furniture such as a table and chairs. A pair of poufs will add comfort to a small balcony. It is important to consider — if your balcony is not glazed, upholstered outdoor furniture will not fit, it will collect dust and get dirty quickly due to bad weather.

Natural outdoor furniture is made from plants that have flexible branches, leaves and large roots — willow or bamboo. Wicker furniture made of natural materials has both pros and cons. It is eco-friendly, but it is very sensitive to temperature changes and burns out in the sun. Outdoor furniture Dubai can perfectly fit to your interior.

Therefore, if you want the table and chairs to last a long time, it is better to focus on artificial rattan — synthetic, which is unpretentious in care. It is a material made of long strands made of polymers and rubber. Such furniture tolerates any weather changes and temperature changes well.

Today, in stores you can find a huge variety of tables and chairs not only made of rattan. An interesting solution will be a wicker hanging chair, which will add airiness to the space. If you add a blanket, it will become your most favorite place to relax.


Beautiful textiles are the easiest and most affordable way to add comfort to the future zone. A pair of bright sofa cushions and soft seats for chairs will add color. But even here there are secrets — it is often humid on the balcony, so textiles should be chosen with special impregnations that protect the fabric from the sun and moisture

Landscaping of the space

If your balcony overlooks a busy highway, and you want to feel like a vacationer in the stylish designed park, then you can add flowers by placing several planters, or hang plants on the railing. Thus, the balcony will be a good alternative to the front garden.

Do not chase exotic plants, choose indoor potted plants: petunias, marigolds, begonia, chlorophytum or geranium. Your mini-garden will need attention — in summer it needs protection from the scorching sun rays and regular watering.

Interior details

The main focus can be a coffee table. As a decoration, you can use linen napkins.

If you choose a tablecloth in bright colors or with an active print, it needs to be supported by matching accessories, for example, pillows, vases or frames or jars. Light curtains will complete the decoration. They will protect you not only from the sun, but also from curious neighbors. It makes no sense to hang heavy curtains on the balcony, they will only reduce the space and will collect excess dust. An additional option is practical Roman roller blinds, which can be selected for any interior.

The main principle in decorating a small space of the balcony is to prevent overload and accumulation of objects. Also take into account the weather conditions of your region, in many ways you will need to focus on the design based on them. If your balcony is insulated, then it can be used all year round, otherwise the space will become a pleasant summer veranda.

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