How To Do Room Makeovers Without Breaking The Bank

Surely, everyone wants to have a room that they’ll truly feel comfortable being in. One of the usual ways to achieve this is by hiring an interior designer or taking on a DIY project. But resorting to both of these options can be daunting, especially if you take into account your finances.

Fortunately, having a room makeover doesn’t have to break your wallet. With the right planning, rearranging, repainting, and even adding a unique tapestry, you can achieve such goals.

To help you out, here are some ways to do a room makeover without breaking the bank:

Rearrange your things and furniture

One of the most cost-effective ways to do a room makeover is by changing its layout. With this, you can simply alter the positions or move around some of the furniture. Doing so will allow you to have a whole new look! For instance, changing your bed’s direction would suffice in creating a new orientation.

As you move your furniture around, you may find some that you no longer use. If so, then you may consider getting rid of them; as they say, less is often more. By getting rid of unwanted furniture, you’ll be able to free up some space, making the room feel more spacious.

Change how the walls look

Conveniently, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to spruce up a room’s walls. The most obvious way is to paint them. But to paint your walls in a cost-effective way, opt for non-branded paint brands.

If you don’t like to paint your walls as you have the prospect that it may get scuffed or chipped, then you can opt for wallpapers. Even if the upfront cost of wallpapers may be more expensive than paint, the former option will have a longer lifespan, making it a long-term investment.

Once you’re done painting your walls or changing the wallpapers, you may also add a custom tapestry to have a room that truly expresses your personality. Fortunately, custom tapestries come in a variety of designs, so you’ll surely find one that’ll reflect the vibe you’re going for in a room.

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Update your window treatments

You can see your curtains, drapes, and blinds all the time to the point that you may no longer bother looking at them, or they don’t exude a wonderful effect on a room anymore. So, one way of having a cheap room makeover is to switch out these window treatments, especially those that can add space to your room.

For instance, you can decide to go for a soft, linen-like fabric to make the room appear more luxurious. To create an illusion of lighting in a room, choose window treatments with light colors. As a tip, it’s best if these window treatments hang from a few inches above your window to the floor. Doing so will help create an elegant and lovely feeling.

Add some bar carts

For those who love to have guests coming over, then you’ve probably thought about adding a wet bar in your dining or living room. However, both a wet bar and a bar cabinet can be quite expensive. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer have that ‘mini bar’ of your dreams. One way to achieve this dream is to add a bar cart.

Bar carts, which come at a relatively cheaper price tag than wet bars, have an elegant look. Most come with two shelves, which is sufficient space for your liquor and glassware. There’s also adequate space for you to create drinks. Additionally, bar carts come with wheels. Hence you can easily move them around the house, which makes them highly versatile.

Incorporate small details

Last but not least, the simplest yet cost-efficient makeover you can do to any room of your house is to incorporate small details, like having some finishing touches, hanging artworks and photos, as well as upgrading your lighting. Additionally, you may also add some throw pillows on your sofa so you can feel cozier and warmer while you relax in the living room. Pillows would also add a splash of color to your home, making it appear brighter and inviting.

Incorporating small details don’t have to be expensive, too. In fact, it can be considered as an affordable way to reflect your character and style.

Final words

As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank to have a room makeover. Even as simple as purchasing tapestries, rearranging your furniture, a DIY improvement project, or adding small details to a room would already suffice to make the room appear less dull but more inviting.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal preferences and financial capacities. But with this article, you now have the option to change the room to something luxurious without breaking the bank.

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