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How To Decorate Your Vacation Rental Property

Creating an elegant and inviting space is not just good for business; it is also aesthetically pleasing. Great aesthetics mean eye-catching pictures and this, in turn, translates to more bookings on your vacation rental software. But how can you decorate your vacation rental property without hiring a professional decorator?

Let’s explore some tips.

Invest in Materials That Wear Well

Some fittings and fixtures are glamorous and all but quite impossible to maintain. You should avoid these. Instead of buying furnishings that have perfect lacquered finishes, opt for creating a combination of materials that get better with age. That way, even when guests are not careful, your vacation ren

tal will not easily show signs of wear and tear. Note that using an efficient Airbnb property management software can help you automate guest communications, especially with regard to house rules, directions, and damage deposits.

Simplicity is Key

When decorating your rental property, it is best to pick simple but durable pieces of furniture and fixtures. Try not to over-accessorize furniture items so as not to have the space looking cluttered. In this age of minimalism, less is always more. You can achieve that airy, minimalist look by using neutral colors as your foundation and then building on it with accent colors.

Use Lightning to Create Moods

When decorating your vacation rental, it is important to choose the right kind of lighting. Try not to do the typical single bright light as it creates a harsh effect to the space. You could try having different shades and tones of lights at varying points in the room. For the kitchen, opt for a single bright light at the center and several dim lights around the stove top. Installing cool, motion-controlled LED lights in and around cupboards and shelves is also a nice touch.

Having dimmable lights in the living room and bedrooms is an excellent way to create a mood in your rental property. These can be used to suit different activities or occasions. If your property has a fireplace, you should maximize it. Candles and sconces are a great touch. Try not to overlook table lamps and floor lamps. Also, don’t forget your outdoor space. Fairy lights and twinkle lights are an excellent touch for outdoor spaces and gardens. Lighting up walkways will also help create a warm, homey mood for your guests.

Don’t Cut Out The Greenery

Adding plants to strategic locations in your property is a cute way to freshen up your space. However, this can become cumbersome. Most property owners may not have the time to water plants regularly. To make things easier for you and your guests, go for plants and flowers that are hardy and easy to care for. You could also go with high-quality faux plants and flowers.

Manipulate Your Space

Whether you have a large room or a small cozy space, you can decorate it to create an opposite illusion. What does that mean? Creating two seating areas in a large living room can help create a cozy feel. Use area rugs to add a touch of warmth and create a homey conversation area.

How about a small space? You can use paint to create the illusion of a larger space. Simply use different hues of the same color on different walls in the room.

Now that you know how to decorate your vacation rental property, you are one step away from creating the ultimate luxury space for your guests.

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