How to Conduct Weddings Safely During COVID-19

The Present Condition of Wedding Functions

The number of couples getting married has dropped drastically over the last nine months due to the global pandemic. Many wedding festivities have either been postponed or cancelled in Canada due to the viral outbreak.

Quarantine regulations, social distancing, and lockdowns have become the norm in recent months across the nation. In fact, many experts believe that weddings served as superspreader events, allowing for the virus to spread with ease. Still, a wedding does not have the same appeal when close relatives are not allowed to attend the glorious day with their loved ones.

As for the event management industry, many owners have suffered terrible losses due to last minute cancellations by couples, with some businesses declaring bankruptcy as a result. While things many seem bleak for small wedding venues in Toronto, there is hope on the horizon.

The vaccine for COVID-19 may be ready as early as January in some countries. Business will eventually pick up, and you should be able to have your wedding without too many issues. Here, we will discuss how you can conduct a wedding safely at any small venue in Toronto during the outbreak.

The Crisis in the Wedding Industry

Hotels, caterers, and event planners are dealing with a severe crisis due to the ramifications of the coronavirus. All major cities in Canada and abroad have issued restrictions and regulations on social gatherings in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Due to these newfound protocols, the business operations of event management have been directly impeded. Employees and other parties that are a part of the wedding industry chain are struggling to keep their businesses afloat during these precarious times. Agreements have been revoked, massive loses have been incurred, and deposits have been returned because of these unprecedented events.

Measures to Conduct Wedding Functions Safely

Cultural and familial expectations may need to be relaxed or changed in order to protect all of the wedding personnel and attendees of your wedding. As previously mentioned, weddings serve as superspreader events because many will end up in close proximity to one another. As well, people often need to remove their masks in order to drink and eat, which further increases the risk of spreading the virus.

There are also some restrictions that you will need to deal with in terms of booking a venue. For instance, only 50 or fewer guests may attend a wedding that is being held in an indoor venue. With small outdoor venues there is more leeway, as social distancing protocols will be easier to adhere to. Currently, you can book a small outdoor wedding venue that can hold up to 100 people.

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However, ventilation must be optimal in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Proper social distancing guidelines will also need to be enforced, with guests needing to spread at least 6 feet apart from one another. As for family that are staying abroad, you will likely want them to feel like they are at the event. To do so, provide virtual services so that they can interact with you and your guests.

Make the New Wedding Format Stylish

You can personalize the rules and regulations (such as sanitizing) in order to motivate guests to follow them without feeling pressured to do so. For instance, you can stylize your guests’ gloves and masks.

Try and select an outdoor venue if possible, as more guests will be able to attend the wedding. While indoor venues can provide a cozy or more formal ambiance, trying to provide optimal ventilation for guests will be more difficult when indoors. Social distancing protocols will also be more difficult to enforce when dealing with an indoor hall. Fortunately, there are many beautiful and serene locales to choose from in the city.

Also, if you intend to host a virtual wedding, then we would suggest that you make the event more engaging by using all the tools and resources that social media platforms have to offer. Use images, video, audio, and other interactive elements to help add some flair and panache to your special day.


There are many small venues in Toronto that should be able to accommodate most, if not all, of your requests. We would recommend reserving a small outdoor wedding venue, especially if you are planning on celebrating during the spring, summer, or fall.

Times have changed due to the pandemic, as virtual wedding events have become common and stricter rules have been enforced due to the virus. The number of guests that can attend has also been reduced, with a maximum of 100 people being allowed to attend in many cities. However, by taking the right steps and having a positive attitude, you should be able to celebrate in style. For more information, please contact your local event venue.

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