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How to Choose the Right Impact Wrench for The Job?

What an impact wrench is, is essentially a wrench that– through some source of power – delivers an immediate burst of high torque. They work by spinning a “hammer” inside the device, and then suddenly engaging it with the socket. It’s an invaluable tool for simply getting work done quicker and with less manual effort.

They commonly come in two types of design. You can have an “inline” wrench that would best be described as a bulky screwdriver, or you can get a drill-shaped “pistol grip” design. A pistol grip design impact wrench gives you that extra leverage in the way you hold it, which is essential for larger sized sockets.

When it comes to choosing an impact wrench, you have three main options:

They each have their individual advantages so don’t just base your decision on price.

Electric Impact Vs Cordless & Air Impact wrenches

Air impact wrench benefits

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Electric & cordless impact wrench benefits

There are some great benefits to buying a cordless Impact wrench here they are.

Disadvantages of having a cordless impact wrench

As with any device, they have their advantages and disadvantages, and are more suited for specific situations. As mentioned above, cordless impact wrenches are great for mobile mechanics or for individuals wanting to have an impact wrench stowed away in their car for emergencies.

Get the best cordless impact wrench you can afford

If you think a cordless impact wrench is what you’re after, then be sure to shop around and take recommendations for the best one. While you’ll certainly want to stick within your budget, don’t just go for the cheapest one you come across.

Take into account the size, the brand, and the power capabilities. The last thing you want in an emergency is your impact wrench failing on you. The most important things with a cordless impact wrench is that it is powerful enough for your needs and that it has a good battery life.

For the average person wanting an impact wrench for use at home and for very irregular use, electric impact wrenches are usually the best option.

They’re more powerful and substantial than battery operated wrenches, and although they’re not quite as powerful as many air pressured wrenches, they’re certainly good enough.

The technology and quality of such equipment these days means that they’re more than adequate for the average person’s needs.

Ksabol1 / CC BY-SA

However, an electric impact wrench certainly has its disadvantages

Always buy the best electric impact wrench you can afford

Overall, much like the other forms of impact wrench, an electric impact wrench clearly has its advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to your particular situation and how often you will be using the wrench, but whatever you decide, as mentioned above, the best thing you can do is ensure you invest in a good quality model that will last you as along as possible.

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