How to Choose the Right House Color

Painting the interior and exterior of your house can be a daunting task but this can be designated to professional house painters. The more challenging task for a homeowner is to choose the color to put on the home. With so many colors available, it is truly a challenge to come up with the best paint colors to use for your home inside and out. Keep in mind that the way of choosing an exterior house color is different from how you will choose your home interior colour. To help you pick the right paint color for your interiors and exteriors, here are some tips.


Colors should match your furniture

Your choice of interior paint colors should match your furniture. This can vary for every room as there are different pieces of furniture in each room. The colors should appear harmonious with the things found in a particular room.

Photo by Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Choose the atmosphere

The colors will dictate the atmosphere a room has. If you want it relaxing, then go for dim or light colors. If you want the room to be filled with energy, then bright colors will do. The colors can set the mood that you want to achieve in every room of your house.

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Consider the space

Your choice of colors can create an effect on the space of the room. If you want a room to look wider or roomier, it is best to use light and pastel colors. For rooms with huge space, dark-colored paints will bring warmth to them.

Photo by RKD Architects, Inc

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Consider your neighborhood

The location of your house can dictate the exterior house color for you to choose. For ranch or farm areas, earth colors and beige are good for the exteriors. See other houses in the area so you can have an idea of what colors are appropriate to use.

Photo by Moore Architects, PC

Do not rely on trends

There are trends in home colors that many people follow. If you want a classic and timeless house color, then do not go with the trend. Once the trend is gone, then your house will not be as appealing as it is before.

Photo by Sears Architects

Visualize possible colors

Use your color wheel so you can see the combination of colors that may go perfectly with each other. Visualize how the colors will look like when painted on your house. Or you can test the colors by putting them into a drawing. This will give you a clearer view of your house paint colors and see if it is a perfect choice.

Photo by Nicholas Design Collaborative

House colors can say a lot about the homeowner. Some people ask for the opinions of the experts. But if you are a little adventurous and would like to put your personal touch on your home, then choosing house colors should not be difficult. Follow your heart and style. Keep in mind that your home is not for the eyes of others. It is your personal space, therefore, it should make you feel comfortable and happy no matter what color you choose, interior and exterior.

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