How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving is well-known as being a stressful thing to do. However, if you choose the right movers, everything becomes so much easier. You have a team that’s willing to not only carry all your belongings, but also oversee the process.

If you are looking for the best movers, take some of our advice below-use this criteria for picking your moving company of choice!

Word of Mouth is King

The best way to get recommendations for house movers is by word of mouth. Chat to your friends and family about companies they know and can endorse. Someone you know will be honest about their experience, and if you know their personality, likes and dislikes, you will get a good sense of how a mover has performed.

Look for Movers With Experience

A moving company that has been in business for long time, like a family business, is going to have more experience. While it is also essential to support new companies, it’s better not to take the risk if you have valuables or you’re moving internationally.

Look for Spokane movers that have at least ten years under their belt. Movers that ask for a lot of detail when you ask them for a quote probably have a lot of experience. Many will advertise on their websites etc. if they have been in the game long term.

Make Sure A Moving Company Covers Your Area

Some movers only work in particular areas, so ensure a company will service both your old and new locations.

However, your movers should be willing to travel past their zip code. For example, these Spokane movers travel all over the state and throughout the country.

Know What Services are Included

Some special items such as safes, hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, and the like require specialized equipment to move them safely. Before booking a mover, check they can look after any unusual items you have. You can ask them about what sort of moving equipment they have.

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You may also need help with cleaning out your old premises and moving into your new property. If so, make sure a mover can help you.

Check the Company Has Insurance and is Licensed

Check that a prospective moving company is adequately insured and licensed, or you could get into hot water. Companies will often mention their Department of Transportation (DOT) details on their websites. Be sure to check this out.

Read Company Reviews

By reading online reviews written by customers, you will get an excellent idea about a moving company’s performance. Every company has the odd poor review, but just make sure the good reviews are way more than the bad ones.

You will also get a good idea of what a company is like by reading the three-star reviews. These ratings will have comments that outline the positives and the negatives of a client’s experience with a moving company.

Look for a Company You Trust

Be sure to look for a company that feels right for you. A mover that has suited someone else won’t necessarily be the perfect fit for you.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the people you are in contact with at the company and that you sense you can trust them to look after your things. Be clear about your house size, number of possessions, timeline, and whether you have delicate valuables.

If your movers can’t handle niche tasks, like piano moving, you must search other local options until you find the right people for the job. Don’t just trust anyone with your valuables because it’s more convenient!

Last Thoughts

We recommend choosing a moving company that offers a range of services, has stellar reviews, and is willing to travel to accommodate you.

Don’t just call and book the first option you Google. By doing thorough research about local moving companies, you will be able to make a list of potential candidates. Then give each a call and make your decision based on intuition!

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