How to Border Your Backyard and Beautify Your Entire Property

Setting a border around our backyard not only keeps your pets and children safely in the yard, but it can also add beauty and style. The most common type of backyard border is fencing, and the kind of fencing you choose sets the style.

Tubular Metal Fencing

If you like the look of wrought iron, tubular metal fencing is for you. However, this type of fencing may not keep a small dog in the yard, depending on how the bars are spaced. Tubular metal fencing provides a good view, making it ideal for use around swimming pools. If a small child or an animal falls in and can’t get out, you’ll see it.

Photo by First Fence Of Georgia

Chain Link Fencing

If you need a tall fence to keep your children or dogs, chain link fencing is a good option. It’s also one of the most affordable types of fencing. However, a determined child or dog can climb a chain link fence. If your child or dog is an escape artist, you can have thin, aluminum slats woven through the chain link. This not only prevents climbing but also makes the fence opaque.

While many people feel chain link fencing is unattractive, it can serve as a trellis for climbing plants. A fence covered with morning glories, trumpet vine, or wisteria is absolutely beautiful. A chain link fence covered with flowering vines could be the ultimate way to beautify your backyard border.

Photo by Garbarino Customs Co. Fence and Rail

Also, chain link fencing can serve as a support for beans, peas, cucumbers, and other vining vegetables. If you are growing your own food, a chain link fence could make your garden even more productive.

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358 Mesh Fencing

Similar to chain link fencing, 358 mesh is climb-proof. It’s often used to fence prison yards and high-security areas. While this might sound inappropriate for home use, it’s not. It’s actually an attractive type of wire fencing that looks especially good with modern architecture.

Photo by Arterra Landscape Architects

Like tubular metal fencing, 358 mesh is ideal for fencing off a pool, since you can see through it. In fact, it’s even better, since small dogs and animals like raccoons and squirrels can’t slip through and fall into the pool.

Metal-Clad Fencing

This type of fencing looks similar to metal roofing. The sheets of corrugated metal create a robust and climb-proof barrier around your yard. However, the look of metal-clad fencing is most appropriate for modern and industrial-style architecture.

Photo by Baran Studio Architecture

There are many options when it comes to securing and beautifying your backyard with fencing. It’s just a matter of choosing a style that also accomplishes your purpose.

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