How to Beautify Your Yard in Four Simple Ways

Your front yard offers curb appeal and your backyard is a cozy space for family and friends to hang out. But if you haven’t done anything to make your yard inviting, it may not be a nice place to spend time. Read on for how to beautify your yard in four simple ways.

String Lights

Whether you string small, romantic fairy lights, festive and colorful Christmas lights, or larger plain lights, adding more light than just the porch light can be a great way to make your yard more beautiful and welcoming. String lights up on your fence or on a canopy or pergola around your patio. They’ll invite relaxation and conversation late into the night.

Photo by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga

Add a Water Feature

Water always makes a yard more beautiful. But you don’t need an inground pool to have water. You can add a fountain to enjoy the musical sound of running water. Or you can add a birdbath to invite more feathered friends to stop by your yard. A water feature will make your yard a peaceful place to pass an afternoon.

Photo by Good Earth Water Gardens

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Create a Sitting Space

No matter how beautiful your yard is, no one will spend much time there if they have to stand to do it. Create an inviting sitting space with an outdoor furniture set. Use benches, couches, chairs and tables to create a space that welcomes everyone to sit and chat for hours. Add some chaises for lounging around on those sunny summer afternoons and a bar counter to make drinks or grab some water when you’re thirsty.

Photo by KD Landscape

Make a Fire Pit

Whether you build it or buy it, a fire pit makes a yard usable and beautiful year-round. Light it up on those nights that are chilly or downright cold in the autumn and winter months. And enjoy sitting around a small blaze on those late summer nights laughing and talking with friends or family. Grab a few ingredients and you can even roast hot dogs or make s’mores while you enjoy the fire pit.

Photo by O’Brien Landscape

If you don’t want to spend all your time cooped up inside, you need to make your outdoor space an inviting place to be. Mowing the grass and planting pretty flowers is a good start. But if you take the time to try these things, you’ll create an outdoor living space that might be more comfortable than being inside.

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