How to Accentuate Your Garden Flora With Tasteful Hardscaping

You put a lot of effort into the trees, plants and flowers that grow in your garden, but have you thought about hardscaping? Hardscape includes the non-living elements of your garden like statuary, fountains, footpaths and edging. These items are great ways to take your landscape design to the next level, and the best part is that they require a lot less maintenance than your lawn and plants. Learn how to make your garden flora stand out with tasteful hardscaping.

Step Up

Garden steps are not only functional but also add depth to your landscape. Steps can be constructed from a variety of materials including wood, stone, brick or even dirt. Consider using natural river stone to create a path leading to a water feature, or a paved stepping stone path to give a clear walking path between flowerbeds.

Photo by Johnson Creek Landscaping

For the Birds

Feathered friends bring song and color to your garden, so attract them with hardscaping features like elegant concrete bird baths and cute wooden birdhouses. Birds like wide, shallow birdbaths best, and don’t forget to add a heater for the chilly winter months. Use different styles of feeders and houses to attract a variety of species.

Photo by The Cousins

Take a Break

Everyone needs a rest sometimes, so incorporate benches and a patio into your hardscape design for a great place to sit back and relax. Stone benches are a classic, while painted metal benches provide a lightweight and durable alternative. Craft a rustic stone patio for a natural vibe or have a sleek, low-maintenance concrete patio installed to provide the perfect surface for cookouts and parties.

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Photo by Valle de Verde

Child’s Play

Don’t forget the little ones when designing your garden hardscape. Kids love tree swings, tire swings and sturdy statues they can climb on. Giving your kids their own play space in the garden can also keep them from getting bored and picking the petals off your roses.

Photo by David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc.


From garden gnomes and fairy lights to wind chimes and colorful clay pots, accessories make your garden uniquely yours. Make it even more personal by incorporating homemade crafts like twig fairy chairs or recycled glass mosaics. If DIY isn’t your thing, consider adding a personal touch with family photos etched on steppingstones.

Photo by Certified-Lighting

Are you still not sure where to start with hardscaping your garden? Don’t be afraid to call in a professional. A landscape designer can choose just the right pieces to complement your garden. Professional design can even help you stay on budget because you won’t waste money on pieces that don’t work.

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