How the Glass in Your Windows Affect the Atmosphere in Your Home

If you are tired of the way your home looks or feels, then getting new windows or treatments can help. Something seemingly simple can make all the difference in whether you want to stay in the house or sell it and move on to another home. We talk about four common window types to help you get a feel for something different below.

Low-E windows

When you have drafty windows, it can be uncomfortable most of the year. Going with a window replacement might be the best idea. Low-E windows keep out the harmful ultraviolet rays helping you protect carpets and furnishings. These window tints minimize the amount of heating your home sees from unfiltered light entering the home. Many people choose these windows because of the energy savings they get from reducing the sunlight in the home. A more comfortable house is the primary change with these windows.

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Frosted glass

Do you have nosy neighbors? For people who want more privacy, frosted glass treatments are affordable. These applications let you block out the view to the public without losing the light from the sun. If you want to keep the natural light, then choosing to frost window panes will give you the brightness that you cannot get with window tints or dark Low-E windows.

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Painted glass

When you want a stunning style that makes your home feel welcoming, then choosing a painted glass design is a great choice. You can opt to switch out one window like a bay window, or you can replace an entire room or house of windows. These windows give your home beautiful aesthetics that make people want to come and sit for a little conversation. Some aftermarket treatments give you an affordable way to get the effect you want without the cost of a total window replacement.

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Tinted glass

A fast and easy way to cool off any room is to add window tint. When you live in a sunny climate, then you can save money on energy costs with these films. Tint also gives you the privacy you need without worrying about the dust with blinds and curtains.

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You can change up your home look with any of the above options. These four window ideas will create the atmosphere you want when you come home after a long day. Designing a welcoming space need not be expensive. If you have new windows, then frosting or tinting them can make a huge difference in the feel of your home without adding too much additional cost.

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