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How The Color Of Your Bedroom Can Affect Your Sleep

When it comes to sleep, everyone wants to have peaceful environment in the room. For this matter, every homeowner makes the best possible effort to make the homes most comfortable place where you can sleep properly. Because when we have hectic day outside, a home is the only thing which is like heaven from this messy world where you can have peace and proper rest.

But the most important thing that comfort our sleep is deciding the paint color for the room that can significantly affect the comfort level of your home where you can sleep in peace.

Impact of red and white colors on the sleep

It’s a fact that paint color of the room affects the environment, such as you will always see the décor of restaurants in red and yellow flowers and the wall paint color of the hospitals are painted with blue and white paint. And if the walls of the room are painted red, we all find it difficult to sleep there.

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It is understood that the colors in the surroundings effect the emotional and physical effect of every human as it is the human psyche to change moods according to the environment around them.

The yellow and red color in the restaurant basically stimulate your hunger and excitement to eat more. Same is the thing with the hospital paints, because white and blue paint colors induce calmness and relaxation in patients as well as attendants.

Cool colors improve your sleep quality

Similarly, when it comes to the color of your bedroom, the cool color for bedroom affects your sleep duration and improve the quality of your sleep. Many studies have supported this theory that the calm environment in your surroundings improves the quality of your sleep.

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Here comes a question that how would you define a healthy sleep?

It is suggested by the national sleep foundation that an average adult should take sound sleep for about 7 to 9 hours. This sleep duration may vary for different individuals but with little differences. Many people prefer to have consecutive sleep of around 9 hours while others like to take 6 hours sleep and naps between the waking hours to stay active.

Importance of healthy sleep

There are various benefits of sleep which are summarized by the medical students of Harvard taken from various scientific studies. When you have healthy sleep, it helps to improve the immunity, memory, metabolism, learning capacity and emotional well-being as well.

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When it comes to kids and teens, healthy sleep can be crucial for the growth and development of the mind and body. Healthy sleep improves the decision taking power and increase the socializing abilities in human. If you had proper sleep, you can interact people with positive vibes and good mood.

Consequences of insufficient sleep

It is suggested by the centers for disease control and prevention, there are around 50 to 70 million people who fail to sleep properly through night. This fact can be alarming as if people take insufficient sleep, it may seriously affect the health and you can face consequences afterwards. Your emotions and physical condition is affected by the insufficient and proper sleep and as a result your performance towards everything decreases as well.

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Thus if you lack in taking proper sleep, it can cause you occupational injuries and death. Moreover, insufficient sleep can also cause hypertension, obesity in the moods and you can face problem-solving issues in daily routine.

What color features in rooms affect your sleep?

The healthy sleep basically comes to the calm, happy and healthy people. But for this purpose, you need to understand that if you have several features in your room such as cool color for bedroom, and nice wall color, it can contribute a lot to get healthy sleep in your routine life.

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When you choose wrong features for your room, such as bright wall paint color and unpleasant curtains, it certainly affect the sleep quality and it also makes the condition of sick people worst.

So for this matter, here are some of the important features which can improve the sleep quality if you choose them while deciding the outlook of your room.

Choose calm paint colors for walls in bedroom

Choose calming decent colors for your room walls so that it put amazing effect on your mood and you can sleep properly. Decide high quality paint sheen and texture so that it doesn’t affect your sleep.

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You can also choose different ways for incoming lights in the room as it can interfere in your healthy sleep.

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