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How Steel Piers Can Fix Your Foundation

Your foundation is largely unseen, but it affects every other part of your home. Foundation issues can affect floors, walls, ceilings, and even the roof. If you’re dealing with foundation issues, steel piers can be an important part of getting your home squared up and solid. An experienced foundation restoration contractor knows how piers can get your home on a better footing.

Connection to Bedrock

Footers and foundations are laid at a certain depth with no regard for what’s below. It could be sandy soil, heavy clay, rock, or even an area that’s already settling. Therefore, it’s no surprise when some of them start to settle after the house has been sitting there for a few years. Once that starts, there’s nothing you can do. That’s where steel piers can restore a foundation and make it solid again. The piers are driven in until they meet solid bedrock, assuring you that your house is on a strong base.

Vertical Strength

Footers and foundations travel horizontally, making it easy for them to be subjected to shifting conditions. One end of the foundation may be on one type of soil while the other is on something less solid, resulting in uneven settling that creates stress and cracks. Piers go straight down onto a small footprint of the known material, making them 100% reliable for foundation repair. The structures that span between piers are also more solid because they rest on the piers instead of on the unsteady material under them, the same way a bridge deck stretches across supports.

Support All the Way Up

Proper support for your home at all corners is critical for keeping it properly supported no matter what the soil below it may do. While footers and quick-fix foundation work may look good at the ground level, steel piers offer support all the way up. You can follow the load from the bedrock up the pier to the foundation, then right up the wall to the highest point of the house. This alignment keeps the house square and solid from its very lowest parts all the way to the top, eliminating the risk of settling and keeping your house solid and square for decades to come.

Sometimes homes aren’t built right for the soil conditions they face. Over time, this poor support can allow the foundation to settle and the house to start literally tearing itself apart. If you’re experiencing this situation, steel piers are the answer you’re looking for. They provide reliable, strong support to keep your home stable and secure even as the soil shifts and settles.

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