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How Should Running Shoes Fit? Choosing the Best Shoes for You

Can you believe less than 1% of Americans have run a marathon? If you’re interested in joining the running ranks, then you first need to get the right gear.

Running clothes will make you more streamlined and comfortable during your run. A water bottle will keep you hydrated and a good pair of headphones will ensure you’re entertained for hours on end. But, your most important purchase will be your running shoes. In this article, we’ll teach you how should running shoes fit. Let’s get started:

1. Measure Your Feet

You may think you know what size your feet are but you may be surprised to learn that even as an adult, your feet will regularly change size. Furthermore, sizes vary from brand to brand making it even more difficult to find a shoe that works comfortably.

Choose a brand and check their size guide online, then measure your feet. It’s recommended that you measure your feet every time you buy shoes. When trying on shoes, leave a thumb’s width between your big toe and the end of your shoe. This will help ensure comfort and give enough space for swelling after a run.

2. Breaking Shoes in Isn’t a Thing

Yes, that’s right. Your running shoes should feel comfortable as soon as you put them on your feet. Breaking in running shoes simply isn’t something you should need to do. In order to make sure your potential new running shoes feel comfortable, wear them in the store for a few moments while shopping.

Do some running and walking around. Will you look strange? Yes. Will you benefit from this trial? Definitely!

3. Replace Your Old Running Shoes

If you’re planning on becoming a serious runner then you should make sure that you replace your shoes with every 300 miles of use. By doing this, you will ensure that you avoid injuries and are wearing shoes that work with, rather than against, your feet.

Check out these Fendi sneakers if you’re looking for a shoe that is stylish but also great to run in.

4. Learn What You Need

When you first start running, you will notice all sorts of new sensations. As you get used to regularly exercising, you will learn what your body needs. As a result, you will be able to invest in the little extras that will help support your running. For example, do you need ankle support? How about shock absorption?

If you’re finding that you have pain in your heels after you run, then having gel inserts in your shoes could make a big difference.

How Should Running Shoes Fit? Comfortably

The best way to know if a pair of running shoes are comfortable is to first try them out by wearing them for a long walk. Next, take your new shoes for a light jog. Finding brand loyalty will help to replace your new shoes more quickly next time. As a result, you will have more time for training!

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