How Playing Games Helped Anxious People Socialize

Kids nowadays are staying indoors more and are attached to gadgets more often. Adults, on another hand, spend more time outside of their homes on weekdays and spend most of their time indoors on the weekend. All of us are exposed to stress and anxiety at some point in our lives, and these are just natural reactions of our minds. However, there can be some people who are more susceptible to anxiety and need more time to recover from it. Anxiety disorders can be socially limiting to people with this condition, because of the fears and worries that preoccupy them. Some studies show that playing games can help relieve anxiety and help anxious socialize once more. Games can be fun, and we need to know the appropriate game to play especially for people with anxiety.

Playing Games Outdoors

There are many outdoor games people can play in their backyard. Depending on the size of the yard, there are several fun backyard games kids and grownups can play. Going outdoors and feeling the sun and the wind can be a refreshing experience if you have spent most of your time inside the house or have been exposed to the AC in the office for quite a while. Games such as tag, hide and seek, sack races and three-legged race involve more than one player and encourages teamwork and cooperation among players. These games can work up a lot of sweat so they are good for the physical, emotional and psychological health.

Playing Video or Computer Games

Believe it or not, video or PC games can be helpful in relieving anxiety in anxious people. These games can divert the attention and focus of people with anxiety disorders. The types of video or PC games you can choose should be entertaining, fun and relatively easy so as not to create another anxiety-inducing situation. If the games require two or multiple players, the players should cooperate and communicate with each other for the purpose of winning and a good game. Online multiplayer games can help improve socialization by playing with a team and cooperating with teammates. More opportunities for expanding socialization are available for online game players especially if they join gamer clubs, guilds or clans.

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Playing Beach Games

Beach games also have anxiety-relieving benefits. The summer sun and breeze can help anxious people relax, have fun and make new friends. The beach is also a good place to see beautiful sceneries, like the sparkling waters or the majestic sunrise or sunset. Games like beach volleyball, beach limbo, water bucket relay and many other fun and enjoyable activities can help anxious people take their minds off their anxieties and get to know other people and interact with them.

Playing Board Games

If staying outside to play doesn’t convince someone with anxiety disorder, look for other ways they can still play and enjoy even within the house. Board games are very good ways of stimulating the mind and enhancing concentration. Chess, checkers, monopoly and scrabble are just a few of the board games that anxious people can play and interact with other players at the same time. They can also join neighborhood chess clubs or community chess clubs to further enhance their skills and also get to socialize with more players.

Games are good ways of relieving stress and anxiety because of their fun and cooperative nature. Games played with another player or multiple players can help bring out cooperation and social interaction in all of the participants, including anxious people. Games are not just for children. Even adults need them to take their minds of things that weigh them down. So if you feel a bit stressed or anxious, rest, relax and play a game.

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