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How Often Should Your Home Get Sprayed For Bugs?

Whether it is mice, ants, bees, or other types of pests, there is no doubt you want them gone from your home as fast as possible. Unfortunately, once pests set up housekeeping at your residence, they have no desire to leave. To reclaim your home, you need to then call in pest control experts who can spray here and there to get rid of whichever pests you are at battle with at that moment. However, there are variations as to how often your home should get sprayed for pest control.

Monthly Spraying

When your home has a heavy infestation of pests such as ants, most pest control experts recommend your home be sprayed on a monthly basis. In most cases, your home will require monthly spraying for three to six months to send the ants or other pests packing.

Indefinite Spraying

Should you find yourself facing an infestation of bed bugs, getting rid of these pests will be complex and probably a bit frustrating. Since it is necessary to locate the source of the bed bugs in order to get rid of them, your pest control spraying will need to go on indefinitely. Requiring very specialized treatment, such factors as the size of your home and how long the infestation has taken place will determine how long spraying will last.

Bi-Monthly Spraying

If you have pests that are ongoing problems, such as ants, roaches, spiders, or other similar pests, bi-monthly pest control spraying will usually be effective in not only getting rid of the existing pests but also in keeping away any wishing to pick up where the others left off. This is commonly done not only in homes but also in apartments or other rental properties since a pest infestation does little to make a prospective tenant want to move in anytime soon.

Exterior Spraying

When you see ants inside your home and think in terms of pest control, you are of course most concerned about getting your home’s interior sprayed. However, pest control experts will know your home’s exterior will also need to be sprayed since ants find their way into your home from the outside. When exterior spraying is done, pest control companies usually recommend doing so once every three or four months.

Since getting rid of pests is often not done overnight, you will need to be patient until the ants or other unwelcome guests leave your home. Remember, whether you need monthly, bi-monthly, or ongoing pest control treatment, it will be worth it to say goodbye to ants and others.

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