How Much Work Can A Cleaning Company Do In 2 Hours?

After being stuck at home for several months, you know even more than ever how important it is for the place where you spend so many hours to be clean and hygienic. Much more so these days when nobody wants to risk bringing germs, viruses and other pollutants into our homes. And if you need to have your office or retail establishment clean, you also want to make sure it’s as clean and disinfected as possible.

Thinking about hiring a professional cleaning company is the logical step to achieving your objectives of cleanliness and disinfection. However, if you have never worked with professional cleaners before, you might be wondering what and how much they can clean in two hours. Having this information can help you decide how many people you need to come and clean and how often should these services be performed.

Getting Started

Just like everybody has different tastes in clothes, food, art, and many other aspects of life, everyone likes their spaces cleaned and maintained a certain way. You may want the windows to be kept open at all times to let air in or you may absolutely refuse to have them open in order to preserve the cool air of your air conditioning, for example.

When you hire a cleaning company, the firsts step should be to specify exactly what items you need to be cleaned and how often. Taking the time to show your cleaners what needs to be done will avoid any misunderstandings in the future. A task list will ensure you convey all tasks that you want to be done and the priority you place on each item.

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How much can you expect to have cleaned in two hours?

Let’s assume you are looking to have your three-bedroom, two-bath home cleaned once a week. Let’s also assume that the home has been sufficiently cleaned up to this point. This means that the cleaning company will not have to face a sink with three weeks’ worth of dishes, or get rid of spiderwebs that have built up in corners. In this case, two hours should be enough time to do the following:

  • Cleaning both bathrooms
  • Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping counters and mopping the floor
  • Vacuuming the whole house
  • Other small tasks that are important to you

How can you get the most bang for your buck?

There are some steps you can take prior to the arrival of your cleaning company in order to make sure their time is spent cleaning from beginning to end:

  • Pick up and put away toys – If your cleaner has to do this, you may get upset if the toys are not put away the way you like it, plus a lot of time will be wasted.
  • Fold and put away clothes – Once again, if you expect your cleaner to take care of your laundry, a big chunk of their time will have to be devoted to this task.

There’s no need for you to put off getting your home to look and smell the way you like. Cleaning Services Broward is ready to start working for you and give you the clean and disinfected environment you seek. Give them a call today to schedule a tour of your home and get started.

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