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How much is Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost

When one thinks of pipe damage, the only feelings that come to mind are of hassle and inconvenience.

However, when the problem is of severe pipe failure, then all of the cosmos is to be blamed for the temporary insanity ensuing around you! Because there is no easy way around pipe damages. That said, you do not have to punch a hole in your wallet by spending thousands of dollars on the repairs. Home pipes and sewer lines have an innovative new idea to help you out. We are talking about trenchless technologies that reduce digging and remedial landscaping costs to almost a zero.

How trenchless technology works?

Trenchless technology uses liquid epoxy-resin solutions, and their technicians are capable of curing in-place new fragments of pipe from within your damaged line; with the help of pre-existing or small entry points.

The traditional pipe repair is quite expensive, but their tools and materials are often pocket-friendly. So, what precisely makes a conventional pipe repair such a burden on the budget, you may ask? It is the cost of hard labor and toiling for long hours trying to displace earth and restoring the damaged pipes in question.

Such extraneous costs add around 30% to the cost of tradition pipe repair, thus making trenchless repair technologies the best bet on the budget!

Here is a short breakdown of cost between both the methods. We hope that by the end of this article you will have clear answers to all your queries about trenchless repairs.

The breakdown of cost: Traditional versus Trenchless

In layman’s terms, the skill and equipment needed for trenchless repairs is marginally higher than traditional, upfront dig and replace repairs. Where the former takes up to $75-250 per foot and the latter costs $50-250.

The cost for trenchless sewer line replacement is typically around $6000-12000 while the cost of traditional pipe repair could be anything between $4000-13000. The higher cost depends on the manual digging, pipe location, and depth.

However, when the case comes repairing pipes on streets, sidewalks, utilities or driveways, then traditional repairing costs around double the original price. The displacement or restoration on ground level fixtures can take repair costs as high as $30000 or even higher, for a single job. In such cases, the cost of trenchless repairs remains consistently the same. Since digging is no longer required, the trenchless specialist would fully repair, or even replace, the damaged pipe without hassles and unnecessarily digging even a millimeter of soil.

The most expensive factors for pipe repair are not materials or equipment. Instead, it is the cost of landscaping, uprooting, and lawn damage that follows.

Some hard facts on the cost of pipe repair

Here is a detailed look at averages and pipe repair costs:

  1. Traditional (dig and replace) pipe repair: The average price is $50-250 per foot, which results in a roughly estimated total of $2500-5500 on small jobs and $6000-12000 for projects over 45 feet. The additional costs of the road closure, landscaping, and labor would take the total even higher.
  2. Trenchless pipe burst repair: A common pipe renovation technique devoid of digging is called pipe bursting. It costs around $50-200 per foot and results in a total of around $3000-20000 for a complete project. Essentially, bursting is an underground pipe replacement procedure, and its cost depends mainly on the depth and length of the damaged pipe. A cone-shaped bursting head is used for the technique, and trenchless experts can fix the entire pipeline in a single day.
  3. Trenchless pipe lining: The relining of your damaged sewer or lateral pipe would typically cost $75-250 per foot with an average of $155. The repair costs of standard sewer lines stand anywhere between $4000-20000, depending mainly on the situation. In a majority of cases, homeowners spend between $6000 and $12000 on critical sewer connection repairs.
  4. Pipeline applications (small-scale): Broken pipes under the length of 50 feet, typically cost between $3000-4000 by the depth and length of the tube.
  5. Shallow pipes or obstructions: Digging through to replace pipes on lands with no nearby utilities would be very affordable. However, if your damages involve a sidewalk or tree, then the cost of pipe-lining could be as high as $10000 or even more.

Final Takeaway

Whether you need pipe bursting or pipelining can only be answered by your situation. The depth of the pipe, its location, the extent of damages on your property, all align to add up to the total cost of damage repair. The prices of repairs are entirely circumstantial. The initial step is to understand the right replacement suitable for your home. Contact a trenchless pipe repair specialist in your area to inspect your pipes. A nonintrusive visual inspection would help you find the most affordable option for repairs at home and help you save a couple of thousands of dollars in additional landscaping.

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