How Much Does Coffee Cost Around the World?

Few things unite the world like coffee. Almost wherever you are on the planet, you are never too far away from either a cafe or somewhere else where you can get a coffee to sit down and relax or to perk yourself up with a caffeine boost.

But that simple cup of joe might not cost quite the same all around the world, so SavingSpot has done the research to find out the price of a coffee in almost every country and the results show that costs vary widely from place to place.

For example, while a cup of coffee in Tehran, Iran could cost as little as $0.46, in Seoul, South Korea that same cup would set you back an eye watering $7.77.

The residents of Seoul do love their coffee though, especially when they can enjoy it in a cat cafe (other animal-themed coffee shops are – surprisingly – also available) or one of the city’s record-breaking number of Starbucks branches.

In North America, the Bahamas turns out to have the priciest coffee at $3.91 a cup, though the USA is not far behind at $3.77, while the two cheapest places are Cuba and Honduras where you can expect to pay less than $2.

Colombia is one of the world’s top three coffee producers, so it’s perhaps no surprise that its prices are the lowest in South America at just $1.27 a cup, while Brazil is also well known for its coffee and charges only $1.90. Even the continent’s most expensive country Chile still only charges a fair $3.15.

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In Europe, the Swiss are being charged the most for their coffee at $5.65, just ahead of the Danes on $5.54, while prices tend to be lower in eastern Europe, with Albania’s $1.21 coming out as the lowest.

Prices certainly vary widely in the Middle East, from the incredibly low tab in Iran to the higher costs in states like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Elsewhere in Asia, nowhere quite matches the sky high prices of South Korea, but $5.29 in Japan puts it right up there, while coffee in Australia and New Zealand remains just over the $3 mark.

And finally, Africa may be the origin of coffee (as well as life) but prices are generally very low, with Botswana coming in on top at just $2.49 for a cup, while the lowest price on the continent can be found in Namibia at $1.89.

The research also uncovered where the most coffee is drunk. Luxembourg came out on top with an incredible 11.1kg of coffee consumed per capita, putting it far ahead of its nearest competition.

Americans may love their coffee but by comparison consume only 3.7kg per capita, while all of those Starbucks branches in Seoul still mean that South Koreans only drink 1.7kg per capita. Still, that’s a lot compared to coffee-agnostic countries like India, Pakistan and Nepal, where tea rules the day and less than 0.1kg of coffee is drunk.

So why not settle down with a nice cup of coffee and find out how much it costs on average in your country and lots of other fascinating data about the world’s favorite bean?

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