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How to Make a Room Cozy and Warm During Fall and Winter

Alas, summer’s ended and the first day of fall’s passed us by. While you try and cling onto those warm summer days, the reality is, cold weather is quickly approaching. And that means you need to put away those bold yellow blankets that are too thin to provide you with decent warmth.

Not only should you fix up your room so it’s nice and warm, but also so it’s easy on the eyes and fits the seasons. Wondering how to make a room cozy this fall and winter? Then keep reading! We’ll give you some helpful hints.

Tips for Warm Interior Design

When you think of fall and winter, what colors do you envision? Probably earthy tones, like brown and dark green. So replace your bedding, cushion covers, and even the paint on the wall with mellower colors. It’ll give a peaceful aesthetic that’ll help you relax whenever you’re in your room.

Adding a fuzzy throw rug to the center of the room can also make it feel cozier. The more soft textures you have in the space, the better. Make use of natural elements, such as wood. For example, you can use a wicker basket for laundry. You can also put some potted plants around the room for some greenery. Now that you know a little more about making your room look warmer, let’s discuss how to make it feel it too.

Be Mindful of Your Curtains or Blinds

The sun gives off so much free energy, so make sure to take advantage of it. While it’s light outside, open your curtains and blinds to let in all the rays you can. Not only will this keep your room better heated, but it can also give you better visibility. You’ll save a little on the electric bill since you won’t have to turn on your lights during the daytime.

When it gets dark, you should pull your curtains and blinds shut. This puts a buffer between the cold air outside and the warm air in your room. Also, make sure you leave your window closed. If it’s cracked, even just a little, this will let in the cold air and cause your entire room to be chilly.

Draftproof Your Room

Do you ever walk into your room, then swear you felt a small chill on your back? Well, you’re not imagining it. It’s most likely coming from small areas where the air is leaking through. An easy way to check for drafts in your room is to light a candle and walk around the edges of your room, paying special attention to the area around your window. If you don’t have a candle, holding a lit lighter will work too.

If the light goes out at any point, then you have a draft. There are some simple ways to plug up those air leaks, such as caulking and weatherstripping. If you’re on a budget, you can even stop those drafts by stuffing a piece of cloth in that area.

Switch to Thicker Bedding

If you’re finding yourself shivering under the covers for hours after you’ve gone to bed, then you’re not using the right bedding for the weather. When you no longer feel warm in bed, it’s time to switch to thicker bedding. If you don’t already have some stored away from last winter, then you’ll have to invest a little money into new bedding. Go for down-filled or down-substitute for optimal warmth.

Use a Hot Water Bottle

Before you go to bed, put a hot water bottle in it. That way, when you slide in, you won’t find yourself repulsed by how frigid your sheets feel. Instead, it’ll feel like slipping right into dreamland. The great thing about hot water bottles is how portable they are. If you’re spending your evening at your desk before you go to bed, grab a throw, and either wrap it around yourself or put it across your lap. Then, put the hot water bottle on top so you stay nice and warm.

Insulate Your Roof

This tip will make your entire house warmer. Get something like Aerolite insulation, where it’ll make your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Roof insulation will take a little bit of investment, but it’ll be worth any amount you spend. Inside temperatures can improve by up to 8 degrees, and it’ll pay for itself within 3 years because of how much you’ll save on utility bills.

If you have noisy neighbors, you’ll get even more use out of your roof insulation! With this investment, you’ll finally get some peace and quiet, all while warming up your home.

Buy a Space Heater

Turning on the central heating for the entire house can be expensive and also wasteful if you’re the only person in the house and you’re in your room. A great alternative is a space heater, since it’s compact and provides heat for just one room.

Do keep in mind that if you run the space heater 24/7, the costs can quickly add up. To keep high utility bills at bay, only run the space heater when you’re in the room, and turn it off when it reaches a comfortable temperature.

Know How to Make a Room Cozy

Since you now know how to make a room cozy, not only can you redecorate, but you can also make it more insulated against cold temperatures. By revamping your room in mellower tones, you’ll get your own slice of paradise as you drift off to sleep in a warm space. With a little bit of work, you can turn your room into a place you’ll never want to leave, especially as the temperatures drop outside.

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