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How to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

The interior space of your home depicts your way of life, style, and personality. Everyone wants their homes to look classy, welcoming and cozy for their visitors and themselves. To transform a regular house into a well-designed dream home; one needs to display a high level of dedication, creativity, love and most importantly, knowledge. If you are not a professional, it can be quite overwhelming for you to do the job properly. That is why most homeowners go for interior design services from the experts. Unfortunately, hiring an expert can be quite an expensive way of making your dream house a reality.

In actual fact, the services offered by the professional interior designers are worth investing in. However, some homeowners may not have the much-needed amount of money and resources to make it happen. Also, some may want to experiment and do it in their own ways. But, how do you design your home’s interior space like an expert yet you are not skilled in this field? Is it even possible to design a home proficiently such that your visitors would think you hired an expert? Well, the answer is ‘yes’. It is definitely possible to it if you get the right information and guidance. In the guide below, you will learn how to transform your simple home like an experienced interior designer. Read on.

Playing with the color scheme

First, you need to choose a theme that depicts your personality and style. You have to apprehend how to choose the best color scheme. Also, to your original color scheme, you need to add about three shades to make it appear creative. Most experts use this technique, so make use of it too. You need to be very selective when going for the foundation color. Like it or not, if the foundation theme of your home fails to inspire or hype you up, it will definitely kill your visitors’ moods.

Color is a really personal thing and making a choice is never that easy. The only way to go about it as a professional is to choose bright colors. The beauty of bright colors is that they make your home look welcoming. Also, they help you to cut bills and the costs of installing more lighting elements. Simply choose a color that brightens your mood every time. After that, mix other colors by buying different color schemes of your furniture, blossoms and other accessories.

Choosing furniture

One of the biggest aspects of the interior space of any room is the kind of furniture installed there. When you are designing your interior space you must think like a professional in selecting the pieces of furniture to use. Most homeowners make huge mistakes, especially when they buying new pieces of furniture. According to, there are specific pieces of furniture that make a big statement in your home. For instance, sideboards make the dining room classy and very much modern. Equally, for the open concept homes, they can be used to separate the living room from the dining section.

Always remember that a well-mixed room does not contain too many leggy pieces of furniture. For instance, you can go for a large sofa, few skirted club chairs and a couple of attractively craven armchairs. Such furniture for sitting make the room well-balanced and people will actually think you hired an expert for the job. Mixing big and little statement furniture will not only make a successful interior design but also save you a dime.

Make a peripheral lighting point

A home that is designed by an expert does not miss one or two statement light fixtures. For any designer’s space, there must be a dramatic lighting feature. So, for you to also appear professional you need to add a focal lighting point in your house. For example, you can add a stunning chandelier or pendant in a dull room.

Faking the height of the ceiling

Another expert tip is to fake the ceiling height. The right way to make possible is through placing kinds of stuff that takes more space but still less short in height. For instance, you can invest in a low slung sofa and large mirrors which will make the room appear taller than it is. If your house is small, buy furniture that is going to occupy the entire square foot space. With this, you will make your room look big even if it is just a small home.


Most professional interior designers love to incorporate trays, ornamental bowls and other accessories like vintage baskets depending on the theme. These accessories are used to declutter things that are displaced to make the room clean at all times. To add glamour to your dining room, just add a swanky gold tray on top of your coffee table.

You can as well put some books, aesthetic candles and colored stones in these accessories. There are many ideas that you can embrace regarding the use of baskets, bowls, and trays. All you need is to be creative enough when buying these items. Therefore, make sure you choose the accessories properly.

Clever arrangements

You need to be creative when playing around with the arrangements. You do not have to follow the regular norms of arranging your furniture. You can place them in different places but make sure they do not look misplaced. Experts are very creative and they always try to make furniture arrangements that most people are not used with. In your case, you can start by playing around with the positioning of various accessories and textures. Also, remember it is not a must for every piece of furniture to be placed near or against the walls.

During the arrangements ensure that consider the spacing aspect. Always try as much as possible to create more space especially if your home is not large. Do not make any of your rooms appear cluttered. If the living room is full, take some accessories of furniture to other rooms where they can as well fit. On the walls, you don’t need to hang several pieces of art. Simply hang two or at most three appealing and well-framed photos or artworks. That will make the room appear spacious and professionally designed.

Adding flowers

Adding flowers to your rooms may appear like a simple scheme, but it is very effective at making people think that you hired a professional interior designer. Experts like to incorporate flowers mostly in newly remodeled living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. A beautiful floral arrangement can send a powerful statement to your visitors. Therefore, it is imperative for you to use it as an astounding finishing touch.

In conclusion, it is absolutely okay to hire an expert to design your home’s interior space. However, if you cannot afford or maybe you want your own touch in designing your house, you can do it like a professional on your own. All you need is the above information and the right materials for the job to be done perfectly. Remember, your home will always tell a first-time visitor the kind of person you are. Therefore, when doing the job on your own, be creative and own it.

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