How Long Should Your Hot Water Heater Last?

Water heaters are an important part of the engineering system, through which hot water is supplied to the room. Despite the high popularity of the devices, not all users know how to operate them properly so that they work long and efficiently.

On my account, I have many projects on installation, as well as repair of water heaters and boilers with the use of advanced technology. I’ll share a few tips to help users keep their water heater in great condition and maximize the life of the equipment.

Carry out regular cleaning of the tank.

On the bottom of the tank of any water heater after some time limescale and dirt settle – this occurs due to poor water quality. Signs of poor quality water are an unpleasant smell, opacity, and rust. Therefore, the tank should be cleaned regularly. Affordable Water Heater Service will help you with this issue.

In order for the device to last long and work qualitatively, I do not recommend removing the water heater yourself, because you can lose the warranty.

Most manufacturers offer equipment with a protective coating on the inside of the tank, such as TitanShield. With this technology, the coating of the inner tank will be the most resistant to corrosion, pressure, and the aggressive effects of dissolved water substances. The key properties are ductility and resistance to temperature fluctuations, which guarantee a long life of the water heater.

When installing the water heater, you need to pay attention to the clearances and convenient location so that there is access to the equipment. Optionally, you can ask the master to install drain taps for both hot and cold water. With these, the technician can connect the drain hose directly to the tank, which will create a more comfortable environment for tank cleaning and future maintenance.

Change the magnesium anode regularly

A magnesium anode is a magnesium alloy metal rod that reduces corrosion of the internal tank. The anode is installed on the inside of the flange. The primary function of the magnesium rod is to protect against salt and iron deposits that can form due to water exposure.

The anode protects the tank and the heating element, which usually has no protective coating. In some models of water heaters, the tank is covered with enamel, which protects against corrosion along with the anode. The principle of the anode is that the magnesium takes all the blow of the harmful elements that are in the water, which allows you to increase the life of the entire device.

The magnesium anode should be changed regularly, at least once every two years to ensure stable operation of the equipment. You can check the quality of magnesium anode by yourself. To do this, you need to remove it from the top of the water heater tank. If a thick layer of sediment has accumulated on the anode, it is worth replacing it.

Do not forget about the remote control function

Nowadays, models of water heaters with remote control functions are gaining popularity. You can turn the heater on in advance or turn it off when you’re on the other side of the country. This also saves energy.

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As a result, the heating element will last longer than if the device is constantly on. If in a hurry I forget to turn off the water heater, I do it through the app – all I need is the Internet and my smartphone.

Apps can automatically send a report on the status of the equipment to the service center. The app shows the condition of the equipment, helps to eliminate system errors and malfunctions in time. Users can combine the system with the voice assistants from Amazon, Google, and Apple and control the equipment by means of voice commands.

Seek help from professionals

I recommend that you don’t put off calling for service if you notice equipment malfunctions. Workers of the authorized service centers will consult on any questions and will help to solve arising problems. Professional craftsmen will provide services for installation and dismantling.

It is possible to immediately install a model with an electronic display, which automatically displays an error code. This helps specialists to quickly determine the cause of the breakdown.

Andy Butkaj, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Any user can go to the service center if he is not confident in his skills. If you follow the simple instructions, you can connect the water heater yourself without any problems.

Most manufacturers provide warranty services for the equipment.


Because of poor water quality, the negative processes inside the device are only intensified. These include rust, oxidation, deterioration of parts, and scale formation. Every six months to a year, depending on operating conditions, be sure to check the condition of the water heater and clean it of limescale.

To keep the equipment in proper condition, you need to clean the scale buildup. The user can do it himself, even without disassembling the water heater. It is necessary to connect a hose to the lower outlet pipe and apply cold water under strong pressure to the body.

Pay attention to the heater behavior during operation: if you hear uncharacteristic noise and sounds during heating, watercolor has changed and there is an unpleasant smell, probably the problem is not in the equipment failure, but in improper operation and contamination of important parts of the heater.

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