How to Go Green While Making Your Yard Greener

A front yard that is the envy of the neighborhood? It’s probably the highest achievement you can earn for most dads. Lush green grass and perfectly sculpted hedges make a house stand out and enhance its curb appeal. But the countless hours spent mowing and trimming the lawn can have unpleasant effects on the health of your lawn.

Gas-powered trimmers and mowers offer you the ease of not messing with cords. However, they come at a high cost to the environment. The best way to decrease your carbon footprint and improve everyone’s yard is by investing in a greener yard.

Simple tool replacements can go a long way into making your yard the envy of the block while also supporting more sustainable methods. Keep reading to find out which tools can keep your yard green and the world a whole lot cleaner.

Reel Mowers

The most significant way you can reduce your carbon footprint while tending your lawn is to cut the grass with a reel mower. With traditional gas mowers, you are wasting money on gas and oil. A reel mower simply uses the force of the wheels moving to rotate the blades to cut the grass.

This low-impact machine also has other benefits. It’s a great way to get in shape while you mow. Plus, it is quiet enough to not disturb the neighbors. The most common complaint people make is about the overzealous neighbor who fires up his mower at 8 am and ruins a peaceful Saturday morning. With sharpened blades, cutting your lawn has never been easier or quieter.

Manual Hedge Clippers

Electric hedge trimmers are a quick and easy way to trim your bushes. But they also use up power, which uses up natural resources. Charging the trimmer every time you need to use it can increase your electric bill. That’s why you need manual hedge clippers.

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Manual hedge clippers operate like a large pair of scissors. They save on power, and they also allow for better precision.

Manual clippers allow you to get closer into the bush, so you can trim your hedges without making a mistake. One quick move with the electric trimmers can severely ruin your landscape. Plus, they can be difficult to handle and bulky. Manual clippers can be used to trim the hedges with more control. They are far lighter and a lot easier to maneuver.

Pole Saw

Trimming trees can be a pain, no matter the height. Pole Chainsaws make trimming high branches simple but at a large cost. Chainsaw mishaps are never a good sign for yard work. Tidying up the damages is difficult due to the sheer nature of the chainsaw.

Manual pole saws do the same job as the chainsaw but without the danger and noise involved. By attaching the pole saw to an extension, the saw can reach even the tallest branch without the need for standing on a dangerous ladder.

Yard Edger

The best trick to making your yard look neat is edging around your yard. This will give it nice square edges. An electric edger can keep the sides neat but often ends up ruining your cuts. A manual trimmer allows you to maintain a nice cut without the worry of messing up your line.

By simply using the tool around the edges of your yard, it cuts off the encroachment of grass onto your pavement.  It is a little more time-consuming than just working through with an electric or gas-powered edger. However, you can ensure every time that the edges of your lawn will look pristine. Your carbon footprint will greatly lower every time you need to clean up your yard.

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