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How Get your Pool ready for Summer 2019?

Winter has come to an end, and there is a need to be optimistic for the summer. The chances are that you closed your pool during the winter and you are planning to reopen it, or it was open, but you want to ensure it is swimmable. Whichever the case you require to fix your pool before you get ready for summer.

Regardless of your situation after reading this post, you will be in a good position to enjoy your summer by drifting on your pool sipping colada as others struggle to open their pool in the blazing summer heat. Therefore, let us explore the following tips on how you can get your pool ready for summer.

Undertake pool equipment checklist

Before you start preparing the pool it is vital to ask yourself if you are prepared. This is to say you need to run down your tools and equipment to be able to prepare your pool. Remember that you will require a skimmer, telescopic pole and a pool vacuum to fish out some bugs and leaves. Besides, you will need to brush the walls of the pool if the water has been stagnating for an extended period. To be set for the preparation here is equipment checklist that you should account for:

  1. Telescopic pole
  2. Skimmer
  3. Pool brush
  4. Pool opening chemicals
  5. Water test kit
  6. Pool vacuum

Don’t drain your pool

Never drain your pool because it can lead to big problems. If you feel that there are a lot of leaves trapped in the bottom, you can empty it though it is not advisable. So let it be your last option.

When you empty a pool in high water, it can make your pool to pop out of the ground. This is a risk that many people are not aware of, but now you know.

Inspect your pump and filters

Checking if the pump and filters are in good condition is mandatory because you need to inspect your pump and run it before you open your pool. This gives you time to address additional problems that can come up to ensure your pool is operating well when the time comes.

Well, your pump can be in good condition what about the filters? If your filters are dirty, you will need to open it up and remove the inner filter media and rinse it thoroughly by removing clogged debris.

Clean the pool

You are now set to begin cleaning the pool. Start by chemical opening to bring your pool into a good state. Fix the filtration system by cleaning the cartridge and washing the hose. If you are using a sand filter, you will have to backwash which will clean the sand. Besides, scrub off leaves and debris trapped in the pool. Additionally, refill the pool if the water level went down during the winter.

Shock your pool

Shocking the pool is typically a way that can solve various water problems. It is good way to get started since it eliminates algae infestations and other problems like cloudy water. Shocking your pool is essential because it oxidizes residual chlorine and keeps the pool clean. Shocking the pool involves:

  1. Preparing the pool shock
  2. Use a mixing stick to dissolve the shock in the bucket by stirring
  3. Distribute the shock
  4. Wait and test the water

Additionally, ensure you have removed all the debris if you did not cover your pool during winter. Scoop floating debris if there is any and run a pool vacuum cleaner to remove that which have settled at the bottom.

Test and balance your water

After you have done the necessary cleaning, your water will be visually clean. You will need to restore water balance but before that, get your test kit and check:-

  1. pH levels
  2. Calcium Hardness
  3. Alkalinity
  4. Total chlorine

You can get water testing kits, or you can have a pool maintenance specialist to get the job done since their testing equipment are more precise, and they will advise you accordingly.

Once you have measured these parameters, it will be easier to determine the chemicals that you will require to restore water balance. If you are not sure how to handle this chemical you can seek help from experts and they will help you out.

Filter the water

Afterward you will have to filter your water. Ensure your filters are clean and fitted correctly. It is recommended that you run the filtering system for 8-10 hours a week. Once you are done with filtration, you might have to put a pool cover to save on time by preventing debris from accumulating in your pool.

Think about the shade

I know you have been yearning for the hot sun after the cold winter. However, you might want to consider fitting shades around the pool because too much exposure to the sun might cause some skin damage. One of the cheapest and convenient way to do this is to invest in large cantilevered umbrellas. It provides the comfort that you need after enjoying your swimming.

Accessorize your pools surrounding

You will need to purchase comfortable and sturdy sun lounges and some side tables for having refreshments. Besides, some essential accessories that you must have is a large storage box which you can store cushions, bats, pool Noddles.


If you have gone through this post, then you will be prepared when the summer comes. After following all the tips that I have provided, you will only need to maintain your pool in good condition. Don’t be caught up with time yet you can just follow what I have addressed in this article.

Remember some primary areas that you need to check before opening your pool includes:-turning on and running the equipment, bugs, the state of water and entertainment area.

If there is a season that you will enjoy swimming after a busy day is during summer. Therefore, you need to strategize on early preparation and rectify any faulty machine. During such a time, prioritize on safety by fencing around the pool so that kids might not sneak in when you are not around.

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