How to Fit the Same Carpet across Multiple Rooms in Your Home

Carpet is a favourite flooring material for many homeowners. It feels soft under your feet and provides added heat during the winter. However, fitting new carpet requires some skill and know-how, especially if you wish to connect carpet across multiple rooms. Follow these steps to ensure a perfect fit.

Purchase the right type of carpet

It may surprise you to learn how many different types of carpet are available. And no, they’re not all created equal. Before you begin this DIY project, you need to purchase the right type for your home.

In which rooms do you plan on fitting the carpet? You need to make sure you choose a carpet that is durable enough for the most high-traffic room. For example, living rooms, stairs, and hallways require highly durable fibres. Bedrooms, however, are low-traffic, and you can purchase some that is plusher and thicker.

Measure each room

Take accurate measurements of each room. Measure both the widest and longest sections of the room and be sure to measure to the back of the door frame. Make a note of any indentations, like a fireplace or bay window.

If you are fitting a patterned carpet, you need to match the pattern along the joints. Keep this in mind to make sure you order enough carpet. Otherwise, your carpet will look mismatched.

Install the underlay

Make sure your underlay is in good condition. If you’re fitting carpet in several rooms, replacing worn underlay is the best option. Clear any furniture from the rooms and lay the underlay. Make sure the underlay and carpet seams don’t overlap.

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Lay the carpet

To make a seemingly seamless connection, overlap the carpet edges between each room. The cut should go in the direction of the doorway. Perpendicular and angled seams look sloppy and out of place.

Cut the overlapping edges with a straight line using a utility knife. Use a strip of latex seam sealer to give each cut a finished look. Once the sealer dries, you can line up the seams from each section and adhere the pieces using seam tape.

Use a carpet iron to heat and activate the adhesive. Slowly move the iron across each seam, waiting about 30 seconds each time. Pull the edges of the carpet together as you slide the iron across. You can lay a heavy book on top to help hold the seam in place. Once you finish, wait at least half an hour before you walk across the carpet.

Hire a professional

While many homeowners can do this job on their own, others will want to hire a tradesperson instead. If you don’t have the time or patience to fit each seam properly, you will probably end up with unimpressive results. A professional carpet fitter will make sure each seam lines up perfectly, and you’ll have a seamless carpet throughout every room in your house.

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