How do you bring a natural vibe to a nursery shelf

You’ve finally finished decorating your nursery shelf and yet, there’s just something missing. It just doesn’t feel quite like home. Where do you need to go from here? Honestly, the sky’s the limit! All you need are a few little touches that will really bring a natural vibe to your nursery shelf.

Introduce textured wall decor pieces.

Textured wall decor pieces can be a lot of fun in the nursery. They add texture and a natural feel to any space. Depending on what scale you’re looking for, you can opt for something larger, smaller and more artistic or something more subtle. Whatever your preference is, texture pieces help bring the natural element of a home right into your nursery, making it feel so much more comfortable to be in.

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Bringing in greenery is easy to do with a shelf in the corner of the nursery. You can get any kind of greenery you like and place it over your shelf. There’s no need to be too specific with your arrangements. Just want some succulents or ivy? No problem! They can all look great together no matter how many plants you choose or how big or small they are.


Introduce flowers

You can make a huge impact in your nursery shelf by placing a few flowers on the wall. It’s simple, easy to do and looks great! Just hang them up on the wall in a nice vase or really any arrangement you like and you’ll have that natural element coming through in no time.

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Wildlife art

Wildlife art is great when it comes to creating that natural element in your nursery shelf. Wildlife art can be many things, from animals to nature scenes. If you’re looking for something more natural, getting pieces with a water scene is great. They’re just like nature scenes but they create a nice little nook of nature in the nursery. The choice is really up to you what kind of feel you want to bring into your room.

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A ray of sunshine

Sunshine is a wonderful natural source. It’s warm, welcoming and a great source of light. That being said, you can bring a little bit of that sunshine into your nursery shelf with some lighting. Giving your shelf a little nook of light will make it feel more open and freer so that you have more room to walk around in and enjoy the flowers or other decor you may have set up on your shelf.

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Add soft textures wherever you can.

The texture of a wall can make or break a room. It’s definitely an important element to think about when you’re trying to bring in a natural vibe to your space. Instead of going with the standard wall paper or painted walls, look into getting some soft fabrics that you can cover the walls with. It will help add to the natural vibe that you’re trying to create by bringing in soft textures and colors.

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It’s those little touches that make the room feel more natural, inviting and ultimately, more like home. Consider the tips above when you’re trying to create your dream nursery shelf and you won’t be disappointed!

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