How to Choose the Right Windows for Your House?

Windows are a huge investment for your home. They don’t only enliven the external aesthetics of your house, but also influence factors such as lighting, ventilation and heat exchange. There are various things to consider when looking for windows. Essentially, you need the right window for your house and since no single design fits everyone, it is important to compare the best options in the market and get advice from professionals, like those at Window World Las Vegas. Fortunately, desirable windows have various attributes that can be used to isolate them from the rest. Below are three main aspects to review before choosing your house windows.

a) Choose a style that suits your house and preferences

Everyone has unique preferences for style/design. More importantly, every house requires a unique style and there are several designs to go around. It is recommendable to first determine your lighting and ventilation needs prior to comparing existing designs. Some of the popular styles you can install in your home include; different designs compliment different;

  • Casement – these windows are perfect for ventilation and are among the most installed in both homes and offices. They have glass panes that swing out like doors and can be hinged to the right or left. Casement windows are ideal for a vintage/traditional/classic style house, but look exquisite in just about any home.
  • Sing and double hung windows – single hung windows feature two sashes. One is static and the other can move up or down. Double hung windows on the other hand,movable panels that can slide vertically.
  • Awning – these are more like casement windows, but they swing out like tents (not doors). They are perfect for preventing rain from entering your house or hitting the screen.
  • Fixed pane windows – as the name suggests, these windows have panes that do not move. They are usually installed for added lighting.
  • Horizontal slides – horizontal windows have panes that slide left or right and can also be removed for cleaning.

b) Consider energy efficiency factors

Windows can complement your HVAC system by allowing heat exchange or preventing it. Casement windows, for instance, seal tightly, preventing air leakage during cold seasons. Glass panes also have different energy rating and influence heat loss in varied ways. At EZ Window Solutions, you can find highly rated energy efficient windows for your project. Basically, the two most important factors to consider are R-factor and U-factor. R-factor measures how resistant your window is to heat flow while U-factor measures how suited your window is to preventing heat loss. Efficient windows have a higher R-factor and a lower U-factor.

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c) Material, size and color

Besides the glass pane, windows are made of different materials ranging from aluminum to wood, vinyl and vinyl-clad wood among others. Vinyl and aluminum are both affordable and durable. They also offer exceptional moisture resistance. However, aluminum conducts heat and may not be ideal for energy efficiency. Wood provides the best aesthetic properties, but it can be expensive and also gets affected by moisture. Vinyl-clad wood is considered the best/premium option in the market as it provides durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty. Choose the right size and color that compliments your exterior and interior décor.

There are several other minor aspects to review, but they mostly revolve around the above mentioned categories. It is also important to determine the value for money or ROI (return on investment) before installing windows in your home. The style, beauty and durability of a window can drastically increase house value. Make sure you purchase your windows and installation services from credible reputable companies that can guarantee genuine quality and warranty.

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