How Can You Force Yourself to Clean Your House

Unless you are a clean freak and a hyper-organized person who finds cleaning soothing, you most likely don’t want to and don’t enjoy cleaning your house. But that can’t be an excuse for having a messy and dirty home. Sometimes you will just have to force yourself to start cleaning. You need to trick your brain to think that you are doing something fun and trick the part of the brain that wants you to procrastinate and not clean. Here are some ways you can force yourself to clean your home.

Play Some Music

Music is the best motivator and it makes everything earlier. Instead of making yourself start picking up and washing things without anything in the background, put your favourite playlist on and jam out while cleaning. Once the playlist stops you will be motivated to continue cleaning.

Set a Timer

Try to make your playlist 10 or 20 minutes long. Those short amounts of time will allow you to get things done but you won’t become overwhelmed. Make sure that you give yourself permission to take a break if you have been completely focused on the task during those set minutes.

Put One Thing Back in its Place

If you are working through your home and you see that there is a dirty dish laying around, pick it up and put it where it is supposed to be. That way you will help prevent messes from piling up and you won’t feel like you are cleaning because it’s such a small task. Instead of having to collect all the dirty dishes from around the house, put things back where they belong as you notice that they are out of place. This goes for everything, not only dirty dishes.

Always Reward Yourself

To force yourself to start cleaning, think about what your reward will be. That way you are motivated to clean as fast and efficiently as possible because you know that something that you really want is waiting for you when you are done.

Do one Small task Per Day

There is no reason for you to spend a whole day just cleaning your home. It is much better to give yourself small tasks every day. That way your days will be balanced and you will know what you need to clean that day.

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Have Someone Come Help

Having someone helping you clean or cleaning your home to have a clean slate to work with is always a good idea if you need some motivation for cleaning. By hiring house cleaning services you will have a spotless home that you will be motivated to keep clean.

Always Acknowledge Your Weakness

Some people just can’t get ready for the day without creating an avalanche of clothing on the floors and beds. But if you admit that to yourself you will create smaller and more cultivated messes. That way you will be aware of the mess you will make and limit it to one designated space.

Motivate Yourself With A New Cleaning Product.

Just like buying new clothes and wanting to go out and show them off, try using the same logic to motivate you to clean. Invest in a new cleaning product that will motivate you to start cleaning.

Trigger Yourself

If nothing else makes you start cleaning your home, try to trigger yourself. If you don’t have anything to drink and eat out of you will clean all the dishes. If you don’t have any clean clothes you will have to wash them, therefore you are cleaning. Once you have cleaned up, keep up the cleaning so you don’t run out of things.

Cleaning your home will not only create a healthier and cleaner living environment it will help you clear your head and be more relaxed when you finish.

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