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How can you design a luxury bathroom?

When it comes to decorating and renovating the home, the bathroom is often given the least attention. While it’s easy to dismiss your home bathroom as little more than a necessity for washing and those times when nature calls, it’s worth remembering that we spend an average of 182 hours in the bathroom each year – why not make the space as comfortable and luxurious as possible? There are a variety of simple ways to inject some class into your everyday routine and make your bathroom stand out:

How does the bathroom have the potential to be a luxury room?

While we may not consider the humble household bathroom as a luxury space, it’s easy to add a touch of class. Because bathrooms are usually relatively small and highly functional (requiring multiple essential features), every decision you make when renovating (from your choice of fixtures and furnishings to bidets and bath towels) can have an impact on the space. It’s easier to transform your bathroom into a luxury space that you might think, but what are the easiest, most cost-effective ways to renovate the room?


Despite the fact that they’re often the focal point of the space, toilets can bring down the overall look of your bathroom. Toilets tend to wear easily and certain designs can look extremely dated in a matter of months. One of the easiest ways to spruce up the space and add some luxury is getting a new toilet for your bathroom, especially if you choose a modern toilet that complements the aesthetic design of the room.


Choosing and installing high-quality tiling is one the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel luxurious and maintain longevity. While white and grey tiles are likely to lend a sleek, modern look to your bathrom, don’t be afraid to go with coloured or patterned tiles if they better match the desired design of the renovation space.

Shelving and storage:

While any design and renovation job is all about self-expression, minimalism is often favoured by those looking to add some modern luxury to their bathrooms. Consider investing in some discreet shelving and storage units to stow away toiletries and other bathroom clutter, which can quickly accumulate and make the space look unkempt.


Natural light works wonders for small bathroom spaces (especially those with white tiles and fittings), and can make the room appear more airy and spacious. The easiest ways to increase natural light in your bathroom include installing skylights, larger windows and adjustable window blinds – if you don’t have the budget or capacity to add extra window space, consider investing in a large mirror to reflect more light in the room.

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