How to Bring a Splash of Color to Your Outdoor Decor

Add an elegant and attractive touch and style to your outdoor areas that will create an outstanding amount of colors and designs to make your property a true “one of a kind.” Following are some suggestions as to how to add colors and unique features that will enhance the enjoyment and eye appeal of your outdoors.

Roller Blinds and a Canopy

Roller blinds are one of the leading window treatments due to their elegant and trendy look, use of high-quality fabrics, affordable cost, various designs, durability, giving a different appearance from traditional drapes or curtains, being easy to install and maintain, and being easy to clean. They control glare, sunlight, and temperature and provide privacy.

Photo by Vanguard Blinds

An outdoor canopy allows you and your family to enjoy the patio or backyard without getting too much sun. Versatile options include pop-up canopies that can easily tear down when special festivities are over and can be stored. These are also perfect to take to the beach, outdoor parties, or tailgating for protection from the sun.

Water Based Concrete Stain

Water based concrete stain is an example of an easy-to-use concrete stain for coloring concrete, pavers, natural stone, faux finishing vertical concrete, and more. It is permanent, penetrating, semi-transparent, with no harsh chemicals, is economical, and is safe. It can be used alone or blended, mixed, or layered from a choice of 40 stock colors for a variety of natural-looking effects to blend with the existing colors of the home and property or for rejuvenation. Stains are usually applied with a hand sprayer or a garden sprayer or with a brush for specific coloring for logos, borders, etc.

Photo by Adrienne DeRosa

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Hanging Flower Pots

You can dress up your patio or porch to show off your beautiful floral arrangements and how your lovely flowers and greenery are thriving. Hanging pots come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and affordability that will let you express your unique style and personality. They are made with high-quality materials that are weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable.

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Decorative Glass Chimes

You can add an exquisite and creative touch to your home or a tree in your yard with the soft and relaxing melody created by glass wind chimes. There is a large selection that can accommodate a certain theme, colors, size, and decorations that will match whatever you are looking for, especially if you want to enhance an existing assortment of floral, angel, holiday, animal, or other features. For example, stained glass ones will fit into many themes and will reflect sunlight and colorful rays across the area where you hang them. They are simple to clean by using a damp cloth with mild soap and water.

Photo by Timothy Kline

If you really want to bring a splash of color to your yard, there are a lot of ways to do so. Whether it’s the concrete, hanging flowers, rainbow-casting chimes, or a cool canopy, every addition to beautify your home’s exterior space can and should increase the versatility and relaxing atmosphere there as well.

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