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How to Boost your House Exterior Looks and Increase its Value?

The first impression people create is usually the key one, regardless of whether it is about people or a real estate property. If we intend to increase the value of our home for the purposes of selling it in some near or distant future, there are some easy ways to boost your home’s exterior looks. Of course, some of them are necessary, some are preferable, some are quite costly while some just require a little of our time and money. A neat exterior usually implies a neat interior as well. Experts have concluded that people decide on buying a house within the first 8 minutes of their encounter.

Make your front door stand out

One of the first suggestions on boosting your home’s curb appeal is making your front door stand out. How can you do that? Well, there are more ways. If you are satisfied with the current front door design, but you still think it needs some additional touch-ups, you can tackle that easily. The first thing you need to do is give your door a thorough cleaning and after that choose a perfect colour for your front door. Think carefully about the colour, the overall style of your house, its architecture and the impression you want to leave. According to some recent exterior paint colour analyses, a black front door could increase the price of your home by 2.9 percent. Moreover, to make it pop even more, you can use metal polish on door fixtures to make them rust-free and shiny. You can keep your door decorated all year long, with seasonal flower wreaths. However, if you don’t think your current front door matches your taste, you can always opt for a brand-new one.

Photo by PBH Design

Fix or modernize the roof

The roof is a major part of our house serving an important function. In order to feel safe and secure, we must check for potential leakage and roof tile that are out of place or broken. If our roof has suffered some damage, it can cause further damage to our attic or other rooms, which means acting promptly is of key importance. Cleaning gutters is also another thing that can cause damage to our walls and paint and they require proper cleaning. When we get to work, we need to be safe since we are working a few meters above the ground. We could ensure our safety by selecting the option of a Universal Mobile Tower Hire. It presents one of the safest options for working from the air, since it includes a safety fence as well. By being fixed it will not only serve its function but the roof will create a picturesque image with the other essential parts of the exterior.

Photo by Christopher A Young

Think about repainting your house

Chipped, old and washed out paint on your home is something that definitely doesn’t affect people positively. Consequently, the conclusion is that exterior paint colour could boost your home’s value and that’s why you need to work on it. When deciding on the colour, choose wisely. Experts suggest avoiding bright colours and too bold colours. They also conclude that white is a classic colour that never goes out of style; houses painted in yellow sell for less money and shades of sage green are very popular.

Photo by Futuras Builders

Maintain the windows

Other ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is surely to take care of windows. Some woodwork, repainting and refreshing of their colour doesn’t require much money and yet adds so much beauty to the house. Washing them from time to time will make your home look brighter and more appealing.

Photo by Giraffe Design Build L.L.C.,

Add some greenery and flowers

A definite yes on the exterior upgrades that will add to the value of your home and that will make it seem like it belongs to a fairy tale, is some greenery and flowers in your front garden. Everybody loves having a breathtaking garden. Trim trees and bushes regularly, keep your lawn neat and get rid of the unwanted weeds. Add some colourful plants and flowers. You can even add flower boxes to your windows to make your house stand out even more. Keep it organised and water it regularly. If you are a fan of interesting flower arrangements, check Pinterest for some unique ideas of leveled planters, water fountains and different garden organisation ideas.

Photo by Rallis Construction LLC

Taking one step at a time after careful consideration and planning will get you one step closer to your perfect home. These are all things you can mostly do yourself, but you can hire some professional help as well. Before you decide on the steps to take, make sure to do your research.

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