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How a Mini-Split AC System Can Beautify and Cool Your Home

A mini split AC system refers to an air heating and cooling solution that allows you to control which rooms in your home you cool. Considered a step up from traditional central air conditioning and multiple steps up from a basic window unit, you may wonder if it’s the right solution for you. Here is how a mini split AC system can beautify and cool your home.

No Ducts

Standard air conditioning uses ducts to transport air from one location to another. No matter how well insulated the ducts are, there will always be some amount of heat loss when the air travels through the ducts. The ducts also take up a significant amount of room and don’t always look that great. Multi-split units don’t require ducts since they can transport cold refrigerant at longer distances.

Higher Efficiency

Conventional systems impact your entire home, whether you need the entire home temperature controlled or not. With a mini split system, you can use multiple units throughout your house. If you want to heat or cool one floor of your home but not the other, you have that option. Since you won’t waste energy heating unnecessary parts of your home and you won’t experience heat loss through the ducts, you’ll notice significant savings on your utility bills. Interested in saving even more? Install a smart thermostat, too!

Better Comfort

Not only does the air get to the right places, but it also works much faster. You will feel comfortable almost immediately after you activate your device. The air also goes to the exact location you need it. No waiting for the air conditioning to work. No need to start the air conditioner an hour in advance to ensure your home is comfortable when you arrive. You also get to use one system for heating and cooling, keeping things consistent and easy to use.

Residential Ductless Mini-Split Installation

You will need to pay for each individual unit when doing a residential mini-split installation. The more indoor units you have, the more you will spend. Installation of a split-duct unit requires advanced knowledge. The advanced installation will cost more than central air conditioning, too. However, when done properly, the installation is well worth it. The system looks great and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

If you are ready to make the upgrade to a mini-split AC system, you should call the experts to get a detailed quote today.

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