Household Pests That Are Most Harmful To Your Health

There’s a lengthy list of pests out there, and while some are mere gross annoyances, others are known health risks. Unfortunately, household pests are often more than creepy critters you simply don’t want around. And because there’s no doubt that you want to protect your health and that of your family and your pets, pest control services should be a priority service that you use regularly.

To mitigate existing infestations or simply kit out your property with prevention measures, pest control services such as BioTech Termite & Pest Control are the best approach to keeping your home free of a range of pests.

And if you’re wondering which types of household pests are the most concerning when it comes to your health, the pests listed below are considered harmful to health and wellbeing.


Mice are among common household pests that will do their best to infest your home, especially during springtime. Because mice and other types of rodents are well-known to carry diseases and even cause plagues throughout history, you don’t want them in or around your home.

Mice raise various concerning health risks as they constantly tread urine and feces around while they go about their days. Besides the health risks that they raise, mice and rats can also cause pretty severe property damage if the problem is left for too long.

Mice are pretty destructive creatures, whether by gnawing into your home’s siding or making tunnels in your walls. And when attempting to get rid of them, you should avoid harmful poisons and inhumane traps. Instead, you should consult a pest control service as soon as possible.


There’s no denying just how disgusting roaches are. However, while some consider them no more than gross pests, they can also raise concerns for our health and wellbeing when they infest our living spaces.

Unfortunately, all cockroaches need to do to hurt our health is simply to exist. Roach urine, droppings, decaying corpses, and skin shed break down and gradually become airborne when infestations are left for prolonged periods.

What’s more, managing a roach infestation can be quite the hassle, as most store-bought products that promise to aid the problem do not work. Furthermore, you will have to find the nest to remove the problem effectively, and most of us wouldn’t know where to start looking.

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So, to avoid health risks such as allergies, asthma, and skin conditions, you should never neglect a roach infestation and instead consult a pest control service to control the issue.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are yet another daunting type of critter to find in your home. Although, the biggest problem with these gross pests is that finding them is pretty challenging as they are tiny. The most obvious telltale sign of an infestation is generally finding rash marks and bite marks on your skin.

These tiny pests will nest in your sofa and your mattress, and before you know it, the infestation will be in full swing. The most notable health concerns that bed bugs raise include skin conditions, skin infections, allergic reactions, and trouble sleeping.

Jiří Humpolíček, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

In extreme bed bug infestations, it is best to throw furnishings away while allowing a pest control service to fumigate your home. Prevention methods can include steaming fabric furnishings often. However, steaming won’t necessarily remove an infestation as it’s better for prevention than removal; even though steam kills bed bugs, eggs may hatch later on.


Fleas are common pests for pet owners, as they use our pets as carriers into our homes. And while a flea shampoo for your pets and regular grooming is suitable to prevent fleas, if you already noticed a flea problem, you will need to fumigate your home with the help of a pest control service.

Fleas can cause skin conditions and extreme itching. In addition to this, they can also cause infections if the bites are scratched. These pesky pests are also unpleasant for your pets, and you will notice a flea problem if your pets are constantly itching.

There are several other types of household pests out there that are always searching for ways to enter our homes. And regardless of which are most concerning for your health, all pests are unpleasant.

So, even if you haven’t noticed any creepy critters roaming around your home, you should still consult a pest control service to install prevention measures in and around your home and assess your property for infestations that you might even be unaware of.

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