Hot Tub Hopping: 15 Spectacular And Luxurious Hot Tubs All Over The World

A good soak in a hot tub definitely gives you a rewarding feeling after a hard day’s work. It is relaxing, and it can bring you a lot of fun if you choose to.

While most of us enjoy soaking in hot tubs at spa establishments or at the comforts of our homes, there are some people who want to take their love of hot tub baths to a new level. This means traveling to different countries for a refreshing and exhilarating hot bath experience.

With that said, here are 15 of the world’s most spectacular and luxurious hot tubs. They are undoubtedly sophisticated, and perhaps, some of the most expensive spas you can try.

Aqua Dome Spa in Austria

This hot tub is found at Aqua Dome Spa in Austria. It has three thermal pools and a number of hot tubs that are grouped together. No matter where a person is sitting in this tub they will have a great view of the Otztal Mountains, which are beautifully covered in snow.

Velassaru Resort in Maldives

When one says Maldives, we immediately think of a paradise surrounded by breathtaking, clear ocean. Apparently, this small, beautiful country offers more than just that. It is known for its five-star and world-class accommodation, as well as hot tubs that you never want to miss.

One of the country’s best spas is located at Velassaru Resort where you get to enjoy the beautiful and huge hot tub. You’ll love since it opens its way into the ocean. If you’re done dipping yourself in the hot bath, you can directly go and enjoy swimming in the deep blue sea.

Amangani Jackson Hole Resort in Wyoming

If you want to be accompanied by epic views while giving yourself a therapeutic bath, then head to Amangani Jackson Hole Resort in Wyoming. There is a narrow pool that is leading up to the hot tub. When you get to the end of this pool, you will be able to enter a slate hot tub. This is truly an elegant place to take a soak.

Kulm Hotel in Switzerland

The Kulm Hotel, which is located in Zermatt, Switzerland, offers an exquisite outdoor hot tub. It boasts of water jets for extra comfort and relaxation and bubbling waterbeds that you would really enjoy.

Elsa’s Kopje Meru in Kenya

Perfectly sitting above Meru National Park, this safari resort has a rustic hot tub that lets you be one with nature. While you’re immersing in warm, relaxing water, you get to see some great sites like the wildlife Kenya takes pride of.

Little Nell in Colorado

This hotel is the only establishment in Aspen, Colorado, which offers a rooftop spa to its guests. No matter how cold it is outside, you can keep yourself warm through the tub. Aside from that, the spa is surrounded by geometrically designed pools – classy but modern.

L’Apogee Courchevel in France

This is a 5-star spa and ski hotel. It offers an Alpine hot tub, which is located at the rooftop of the hotel. It is filled with steaming water. And while you’re enjoying the bath, you’ll be awed by the scenic views of the Alps.

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Phinda Rock Lodge in South Africa

If you want to prepare a romantic spa date, then Phinda Rock Lodge in South Africa is a perfect place. It has private hot tubs that are constructed at the suites’ cliff face. While you and your date are relaxing, you’ll have a great view of the Leopard Rock.

Pamukkale, Turkey

There is nothing like soaking in a natural hot tub, and you can have such experience when you go to Pamukkale, Turkey. The terraces of this Unesco World Heritage have natural spas with flowing water. They were formed by the carbonate minerals coming from the moving water. And you should know that these natural hot tubs are some of the best in the world.

St. Regis Lhasa Spa in Tibet

It houses the Golden Energy Bath, which is a hot tub equipped with water jets, giving you a therapeutic massage. What makes it more exquisite is that the tub’s lining is made of gold tiles. The water is salty and is kept at a very warm temperature.

Spa Bad Aibling in Germany

In this establishment, there are domed-shaped hot tubs for your pleasure. Surrounded by water, each hot tub is set at a different temperature and has its own theme music playing.

D-Resort Göcek in Turkey

The D-Resort Göcek, which is located in the Turkish village of Gocek, is next to a natural pool. The hot tub is illuminated by glowing lights. The tubs are in the middle of an outdoor lounge area, exuding modern and sensual vibes.

HotTug Cruise in Surrey

Offered by the luxurious Runnymede Hotel on Windsor Road in Egham, Surrey, UK, the HotTug Cruise is basically a small boat with a hot tub. It travels in the River Thames, giving you the pleasure of travel and relaxation.

The Lodge in Australia

Overlooking the highlands of Tasmania, The Lodge in the small town of Tarraleah offers world-class suites with wooden, steaming hot tubs. These spas are placed on top of polished rocks, in the middle of smooth and shiny oak floors.

Grovepark Spa in North Carolina

If you want to have privacy, the Grovepark Spa offers blue pools that are arranged like that of natural pools in caves. Aside from the pools, it also has a beautiful hot tub in the corner for a relaxing and rejuvenating warm bath.

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