Why Homeowners Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System

All these days your primary pump may have been doing wonders in eliminating the chances of water clogging in your basement. But what about that pathetic day when your area is hit by torrential rain and the uncontrollable winds sweep off the power lines connecting your home? Well, primary pumps are certainly not going to work here and this is where you need to bring up something stronger and more advanced like a battery backup sump pump.

The Ideal Savior

A sump pump can be the most reliable savior here as it would enable supreme protection against water damage by staying completely submersed. This is one of the reasons why homeowners in flood and storm-prone areas prefer installing such water pumping systems to avoid further chaos.

Now that the concept of a sump pump is clear, understanding the importance of a battery backup sump pump would be a child’s play. As a matter of fact, it is not so easy to predict the daily weather conditions, isn’t it? In fact, you remain clueless as to when you will be subject to flooding and power outage. So, where a primary pump would fail to perform its duty during such unpleasant circumstances, a battery backup sump pump would get things going well.

Homeowners are always happy to install a sump pump

With a battery backup sump pump, power availability or tripping of a circuit breaker will not matter. Rather, it would keep its operation going steady and strong. Well, these might not happen very often in your area. But the day it happens, it’s a battery backup sump pump that will surely leave its homeowners happy.

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In this respect, the reasons that go behind the necessity of installing a backup sump pump system for homeowners are:

  • Absence of power that makes a primary pump unable to perform
  • Mechanical issues fail primary pumps to drain out sufficient water
  • Freezing or clogging of primary pump discharge pipes
  • Power cord gets accidentally unplugged or circuit breaker gets tripped

Apart from these factors, a significant reason why homeowners prefer installing a battery backup sump pump is its hassle-free installation process. However, the installation depends on the pump’s capacity. The majority of homeowners usually take two to four hours for installing a sump pump. So, let’s take a quick look at some installation tips of sump pump at Sumppumpadvisor that would certainly be helpful:

  • First, ensure that there is a check valve installed so that water can be prevented from flowing back to the sump pit.
  • Get a Teflon tape to completely seal up the threaded ends
  • Get the marine battery stored in a safe plastic case instead of keeping it on the ground
  • Have an electric outlet close to the sump pit so that you are able to plug in the pump as well as the battery charger
  • Make sure that you are pumping out water far away from your home and also towards a downhill slope just to prevent it from getting drained into the basement


With a battery backup sump pump, you can now withstand the after-effects of rain and storm that would keep your basement free of water-clogging. Just make sure that the battery backup is good enough to replace your age-old primary pump.

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