Home Yoga Room: Tips to Create a Personal Sanctuary

Stepping into a well-organized, clean and relaxing yoga studio gives you an overwhelming sense of calm. Did you know you can transport the same familiar atmosphere to your home studio?

Creating a yoga room at home is fun and quite easy. Check out these tips:


A yoga studio can vary in size, ambiance, and style, but one thing should always be the same – it must be clean and organized.

Yoga practice involves a lot of mental focus. If your space is full of mess, it can be hard to concentrate on your practice.

Whether you’re using an entire room as your yoga studio or just a tiny corner in your living room or bedroom, make sure it looks clean.

For a shared space (such as living rooms and bedrooms), consider using a partition. It can be a piece of furniture that doubles as storage where you can keep your yoga essentials such as your mat, face towels, yoga blocks, and shoes.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting is very important to set the mood in your yoga studio. When planning your studio lighting, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Use lighting that sets a tone. Use ambient lighting instead of overly bright solutions. The softer the lighting, the more relaxed patrons will be.
  • Use natural light. If there are no windows for natural light, use lighting that mimics it.
  • Look for dimmable light sources. They are great for those times when dimming the light can aid in relaxation.

The key is to find the perfect balance with the lighting so you will feel calm and relaxed.

Bless Your Space with a Scent

A yoga studio is not just a place. It’s a state of mind. To help you further relax and get into the zone, bless your space with scent.

Everything from essential oils for yoga to scented candles or even good-quality perfume can help. You can even burn incense if you like.

Scents can help put you in the right headspace, so choose the fragrance that you find most calming.

For shared spaces, consider using air dehumidifiers to quell unwanted smells, such as that from cooking.

Decorate the Room

The right decor can make any room beautiful and more relaxing. How you will design your yoga studio is totally up to you, but the finished outcome should evoke feelings of “Zen” and a peaceful vibe.

An easy way to decorate a yoga room is with a wall hanging. You need not invest in an expensive artwork or paint job, a picture frame or a poster of your favorite quote will do.

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You can also place meditation cushions for that relaxing and comfortable vibe, an indoor plant, or any other prop you can think of.

However, it’s important not to overdo your decoration to instill a sense of coherence, peace, and cleanliness.

Manage Sounds

Poor sound management can cause a distraction to your practice. You need not go all the way to soundproofing your yoga room, although it’s a great option if you can’t stand the loud noises at home.

Rather, you can find a quiet spot. If you have kids, consider scheduling your practice early in the morning when they are still asleep.

Playing relaxing, meditative music greatly helps too. Not only does it mask the background noise, but it also sets the mood and gets you in the zone of your practice.

Bring Elements of Nature

Nature is the best yoga sanctuary, but you can always incorporate the elements of nature into your yoga room.

Add in some natural light, a few plants, wooden decor, candles, and incense.

Keep it Clean

Lastly, keep your yoga room or yoga corner clean. Place a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant spray or wipes nearby so you can wipe off surfaces before and after your practice. Don’t forget to clean your yoga accessories like blocks and bolsters as well.

Yoga mats should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. You should also place a small bin where you can put used towels.


Wonderful, revitalizing yoga practice begins with a calming and peaceful environment.

Hope these tips have inspired you to set up a beautiful, organized, and highly motivating yoga room or corner.

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