Home Maintenance: How To Clean Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most durable and efficient kitchen countertops that we can think of right now. These countertops are easy to clean and easy to maintain. But if you do not clean them properly, you might end up facing a lot of trouble with them. So, how is one supposed to clean this countertop? What are the different ways one can clean granite countertops?

In this article, we will explain how to clean granite countertops. The steps that we will show you are convenient, beneficial, valuable, and safe. If you want to learn more about this topic, read on!

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How To Clean Granite Countertop Stains

If you are looking for an everyday cleaning process, it is best to use mild soap with warm water. When you use a hot cloth full of soap, it can help remove dried gunk in no time. You need not scratch or harm the surface at all. The process is convenient and always helps to rinse with clean water. If you want to disinfect, make sure you apply a commercial product specially meant for a granite countertop. You could also use one that is generally applicable on any natural stone countertop.

Now, there are many commercial cleaners that you can use if the scent feels good to you. However, make sure you abstain from harsh chemicals and cleaners, including vinegar, bleach, or acidic compounds.

How To Clean Granite Countertops With Natural Products

Many companies create natural granite cleaners today. However, if you wish to make your own cleaner, you can do it in no time. Given below are some of the steps you need to follow to create your natural granite cleaner. We promise it works.

  1. Pour a few drops of mild dish soap. Do this in a spray bottle that contains sufficient water.
  2. Use a disinfectant powder to help it dry as quickly as possible.
  3. Now, use a ratio of three different parts of water to a single part of alcohol. Once you do that, pour ½ teaspoon of dish soap. With this mixture, you can efficiently clean your granite countertop without thinking twice.

If you can see stains on your granite countertop, use baking soda with water. This will help cleanse the entire top carefully without causing you to scrub hard. Make sure you use sufficient water to create a soft paste. Once that is done, rub it on the stain in circles. Wipe it thoroughly for the best experience. Make sure you try to do this at home. It will surely work for you.

How Often Is It Okay To Clean Granite Countertop?

If you wonder how often you should clean your granite countertop, once a week is more than enough. You do not have to do it more often as it could reduce the quality of the Countertop. Moreover, that is not needed at all.

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Also, we highly advise you to abstain from using glass cleaners on granite countertops. That is because these cleaners can potentially damage your beautiful Countertop and ruin your home decor. It contains several potent ingredients that may end up dulling your countertop appearance.

Why Should You Choose Granite Countertop?

Improves Home Value

Granite countertops provide a beautiful appearance to your home. They can instantly make your home look gorgeous and sophisticated. Especially if you are choosing light-colored granite tops, your home is bound to look vibrant and elegant. As a result, this countertop improves the value of your home without even any notice. You will often find granite countertops being used in several home development projects on television too. This is because it is the number one choice among several interior designers today. So, why miss out on it?

Exceptional Design And Style

Often you will notice that natural granite is eccentric in its way. It is full of beautiful spots that help create a distinctive pattern like never before. It comes in an assortment of colors and designs that will make you come back for more. You can find this countertop available in various colors, mainly green, yellow, white, and even black. In many markets, you can find such exciting designs at cost-effective prices. That is why people end up choosing them over many marble patterns today.

A Useful Investment

Granite countertops are not only beautiful to look at. They are also long-lasting. So, you do not have to worry about having them stain or crack easily. You can get them at the most affordable prices and still carve out the best value. You can use the material in any part of your home, including the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. So, please speak to your interior designer and get them installed in any corner of your home.

The Bottom Line

If you were wondering how to clean granite countertops, now you know.

Countertops need to be long-lasting, highly functional, and safe for everyone to use. It should be installed in such a way that everybody can easily access it without any inconvenience. While there are several countertops available in the market for you to choose from, granite countertops are a great option. To maintain the beauty of your countertops for as long as possible, be sure to follow the proper guidelines for cleaning and maintenance, and ensure that the products and tools you use won’t damage the top.

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